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Thread: Jager SA Rifle Build

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    Jager SA Rifle Build

    Its been a couple of days when I took delivery of my newly built 270 by James Clark aka Jager SA, and here are my personal observations on the whole process start to finish.

    Some of you, or most of you have now heard or have had work done by James, either the coating work or have had relabelled jobs done, and some rifles built, together with a number of other services he offers, screw cutting, threading etc.

    All of the reports have been, and still are glowing. Good price, good price and attention to detail with a quality finish on all his work.

    I got in touch with James , for a rough idea on a rifle build, semi custom/custom call it what you will. I wasn't really expecting much if I'm honest, not to discredit James, and not wishing to waste any of his time or mine with pipe dreams, but I wasn't quite sure how much it would cost, and if it was feasible.

    I had set myself a budget of 1000 for a new rifle.
    A new Tika-T3-lite, or Howa in 270,averaging between 700-900 seemed to be the solution given my budget and the fact that I already own a T3-lite in 243,so a matching 270 would be a good as any choice in my mind.

    Looking at some of the previous commissioned rifles he's done, re-barrell work etc his work is high quality, and he's a busy man, always a good sign, and having had some coating work done on my own 243,and recommending him to several of my friends, my mind was more or less made on who to go with, obviously price depending.

    He offered me a new hand lapped barrel in 270, which in itself retails @ 500 Tika T3 action, which I reckon are around the 250 - 300 mark, thumbhole laminate stock, again another 200-350 racknagel rail, rings, invisible cap and coating the lot for what seemed and in fact is ridiculously good value, in stark contrast to a new off the shelf rifle, within the same price bracket.

    Furthermore, being quoted double by other well named rifle smiths, but to be honest, I was in no real hurry, as I was right in the middle of applying for a variation to add another 270,as well as my renewal coming up.

    He gave me a fixed price that was affordable, for something that seems and should cost a whole lot more, showing it off to mates, they can't believe the how much it cost.

    The quality of workmanship is spot on, with attention to detail carried out throughout ,everything feels, and looks good, the stock and coating really does looks the dogs ********, with the invisible end cap as the icing on the proverbial.

    The thumbhole stock really does give you a solid grip and makes a hell of a difference when firing, and something I always wanted., with the subtle gun-blue coating providing and excellent clean no nonsense finish.

    I think good work, should be commended,
    I appreciate the fact that the guy is busy, and the demand for his work is growing, but talking to him he wont gnarl at you, and wont bite you're hand off,he's producing really accurate rifles at a very affordable and reasonable cost.

    He's certainly managed to bridge the gap by providing some really accurate affordable rifles to the average shmoe Like me.

    It's a very sincere and genuine thank you from yet again another happy customer, who's been provided with a very accurate rifle, at a really honest and affordable price, by a guy who doesn't bs you, and wont bite you're head off when you call, and is more than happy to advise and try to meet your needs.

    I'm more than happy with the levels of service I received, and of course the end result is a rifle ridiculously accurate, and didn't cost the earth,I'd urge anyone wanting something done to get in touch with James.

    'People forget how fast you do a job, but they remember how well you do it'

    My camera skills aren't the best, so apologies,and for the kitchen wall paper!

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    I was looking at his work at Kelso over the weekend again. He's a top bloke to deal with and turns out a really good product. be good to see how your rifle shoots, no doubt it will be a dream!

    With the affordability of a semi-custom it makes me wonder why more people arent doing it. the customer service, attention to detail and quality of the product make them serious contenders against factory rifles.

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    very nice arwel happy days,atb doug,

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    I will look forward to seeing it in action on another driven boar shoot ;-)

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    I have seen the said item and the craftsmanship is excelent a lovely job

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    A very nice rifle - enjoy!!!
    When you think how much it is to buy a new factory rifle , a re-barrel job and some fine tuning wether a bedding job / new stock /action screws etc starts to make sence!!!
    I had a few custom barrels from Border / krieger and they all shot great ( when i do my job that is )....
    Enjoy your rifle

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    PM inbound mate.


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    Looks fantastic, best of luck with it

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