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Thread: Miroku MK70 20g Grade 1 O/U 30"

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    Miroku MK70 20g Grade 1 O/U 30"

    As per the title.. Im selling my MK70 Miroku 20g. its a grade 1, had about 1000 shots through it and is in really good condition. the barrels are like new and the woodwork is in excellent condition. I've had the gun for about 6 years now and sold my 12g MK70 as the 20g did everything the 12g could do and was a lot nicer to handle.

    It will come with all of the chokes i've got with it, 3 i think and the original box.

    The gun shop has offered me 900 for it, so i'd rather let it go to a private sale than the gun shop sell it out for a profit.

    700, can RFD it, which would be an extra 25.

    Pics to follow..
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    Now this pic doesnt really do justice, the stock is streaky from the cleaner i used on the stock, and the light shining.

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    Hey mate I don't mean to sound rude but I would take that 900 pounds your gun shop has offered you and run with it, this model is making like 800 on guntrader

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    Thanks Frostie, i cant see any on gun trader for 800, the cheapest and only one is 850 for the 28'' barrel version. the next is 1095 s/h and the new prices range from 1200s to 1300s.

    Im offering to sell it for what a trader will pay me, as i'm not in a huge rush to sell, i'd rather give the opportunity to private buyers to get a good deal rather than let an RFD take the profit out of it.

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