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Thread: Budget Scope Advise

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    Budget Scope Advise

    Hi All,

    I'm sure it has been asked a million times, but with constantly changing prices and availabilities, old threads havent provided me an answer yet!

    I have a .308 Parker Hale with 1inch PH low mounts. This limits me a little on scopes as a 50mm scope i tried wouldn't fit the low mounts, and the bolt rubs my current scope a little.

    Currently I have a BSA Essencials Hunting Rifle 3-9x44 scope mounted on it (likely an air rifle scope...) and I'm concerned that it would lose zero or be inadequate in low light.

    With a budget of around 100, what is my best bet for a scope?

    I am looking at new Bushnell Banner scope at 88 and Nikon Prostaff at 150 (though this is stretching my budget much further than i would like).

    I think a good name fixed mag 2nd hand (as suggested on many other posts) would be ideal but with a stalk planned for the end of April I'd rather not wait to see if one comes up...

    Thanks for any advice,


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    A used Simmons Whitetail classic is a good bet. Get the Philippines-made model if you can as they tend to be better quality. I had a 3-9 x 50 with Truplex reticule & it was a cracker. Only cost me 80 from the Bay of E, too
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    I found a meopta 6x42 for my brno zkk 601 for 100. They come up quite regularly on here from what I've seen. Love it and good glass. Did a wee write up on the set up here

    I had the same problem and the bolt just clears the scope but I'm using PH RAHS 3 rings (the higher ones I think). Needed it high to clear the iron sight mount at the front. Not sure what model of PH you have or if it is similar in design?

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    I have the RALS (low ones) but iron sight isnt a problem as mine had been removed before i bought it. It just means my scope gets rubbed slightly but the bolt - not ideal but hopefully not damaging.

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    have a look at vortex scopes. for the money they simply cannot be beaten! especially given the no quibles lifetime guarantee.....

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    I've seen meopta 6x42's go for around 110-120 on ebay lately. There are also a couple of Leupold 6X42's on at the moment - may be worth putting in a bid.

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    The Simmons looks good, theres one on ebay that might be worth a bid.

    I've looked at the Meopta scopes but there doesnt seem to be any about at the moment and as I said, i only have a couple of weeks for a bargain to come up!

    How do the Vortex compare to Bushnell and Nikon?



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    I'd go for the Nikon over the Bushnell. Of the glass I've owned nearly all the bushnells have had issues at the extreme end of the field of view.
    Nikon's have some chromatic aberation but pretty good at the price point.

    Can't comment on the Vortex but they seem to get good reviews.

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    I don't rate Bushnell especially those at the lower end seen quite a few problems with those, Nikon is a better scope for not an awfull lot of money, Meopta if you are lucky enough to find one in your price range.

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    I have 2 bushnells at the moment. One on my 243 (Legend) and a 4-12 x 40 Banner on my 270. very happy with both. the 270 has seen action with this scope in Estonia on Moose and plains game in Africa. For the money a cracker. I also had a Banner 3-9x50 on my 30-06 and that had seen action all over the world and never let me down shot stuff out to 280 yrds.
    Hope this helps, Tusker

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