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Thread: registering for DSC2 - BASC or BDS?

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    registering for DSC2 - BASC or BDS?

    I haven't read all the literature on it yet, but does it make any difference if you register for the DSC2 through BASC or BDS?

    Any recommendations for either one?

    Still not sure if I should register now or not... I don;t have any land of my own, and feel that it would be better to complete the DSC2 on my own land, where I would have better knowledge of the ground, wind, and the beasts on it. However, if it becomes a requirement to have DSC2 before I can join a syndicate or get my own ground, I'd be better off registering now and getting as much of the portfolio done as possible...

    Any thoughts?

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    Hello Pippa, have you seen the recent post on further examinations / certifications supposedly in the pipeline?, as to level 2, I would go with your own feelings, as the more comfortable you are on the day / s of assessment the better.
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    If you register now it may save you having jump through the new hoops that will come into effect in june, eg the AW AC change over. currently if you register now you can use two approved witnesses and 1 acredited witness. if you wait till after june then all three stalks have to be completed with an accredited witness. (more expense)

    or so i am told!


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    Skipp is right, crack on now as the rules change at the end of May. In answer to your first question, I am not aware of any difference between registering with BASC or BDS. If you don't have ground, I suggest you find a local AW who can take you out on their ground with good prospects of encountering deer.

    Registering will give you access to a current list of AW's. Hopefully AW's and others who are local to you (Somerset) and on this Forum will respond to you too. Good luck.

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    I'm in the same position - I'll register soon to pre-empt the changes. From memory I think the BASC is a bit cheaper. I guess you need to be a member of the organisation you're with so thats another expense. I'm with both at the moment, but will let the BDS membership lapse as I am also into game shooting and only got it to do my DSC1.

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    From my and my mates experience I would recommend registering with BASC. Nothing concrete but the attitude of the people I had to deal with in each organisation were markedly different in our area. From my limited experience the process through BASC seemed more free of politics, up here that is not true of BDS.
    Definately register as soon as you can and bat on.

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    Thanks guys, good advice. I'm a member of both organisations so have the option of both, but so far the concensus seems to be to go with BASC... I'll stop dilly-dallying (cor - haven't used that phrase for a while! ) and get on with it...

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    You can register with anyone you want and you dont need to be a member of any of them.

    It makes more sense to do it now..........BUT ..........only if you are ready for it. There is nothing more infuriating than taking someone out that makes claims to know what they are doing when they obviously dont. So, only get involved with an AW when you know what you are doing. An AW may also be quite happy to take you out and show you prior to any proper witness event. Last but not least, when you find an AW, ask them questions so that you understand what they are going to be looking for and any tips if you are a little unsure.

    Don't listen to rumours about further examinations etc, as it something that does not appear to be in the pipeline. And if such a thing was to happen, then I am sure there are penty of stalkers that are out there that will oppose any further move.



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    as an AW makes no differance to me if you have the experiance and can show it we all have to answer to DMQ Ltd and the verifers so you can go out with AW from either.Main thing is to know your stuff and have records of your experiance .

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