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Thread: Redding shell holders

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    Redding shell holders

    After buying a Forster press I have a couple of shell holders spare, practically brand new No1 and No6.

    5 each posted

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    Hi Archie.
    You do not state which calibres these are for. If I can use them could I have them please. I use .357mag -.308W and 6.5x55. I will google them in the meantime.


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    Hi Bryan

    I used the No1 for .243 so that will do your .308, and the No6 was for my 7mm Rem mag


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    Thanks Archie.
    Could I please have both. The number 6 will help someone else out at the club.
    I would like to pay with paypal if possible. I probably won't get your details till late tonight as I intend to rattle off a few with the Marlin at the range.

    ATB Bryan.

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    No problem Bryan, I've got a couple of shell holders for priming tools I'll throw in as I have no use for them anymore.

    PM on its way


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