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Thread: scope mounts Anschutz 17 HMR

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    scope mounts Anschutz 17 HMR

    I have an Anschutz 1517 .17 HMR. I have been recommended to use a MTC TIAPAN 6 X 24 X 56 IR with AMD Recticle, does anybody know if the mounts which come with the scope will bolt straigh onto my mounts, or will i need to purchase additional mounts.



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    Im not sure on your mounts ,but being a 56 objective i think you will need high rings ,i have an annie 22lr with mediums on with a 50 obj ,i did have lows on at first with a 44 obj with metal lens covers and they just fitted snug,cheers doug,

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    Thanks for that, might just ask them to supply high mounts with the scope, I've been waiting for them to reply for ages

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    You will want high and possibly reach foreward, Sportsmatch and Deben both supply them.


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    Hi Trigger. If you haven't already got the scope, buy a Genesis instead. Had one on my Anni HMR in Sportmatch mounts. Great scope much better glass than the Tiapan and nowhere near as eye relief fussy. Its only 50mm obj so medium mounts has it snug to the barrel. I found the Tiapan used to 'white out' in any kind of sun light, especially if you wound the mag up. I have since sold the HMR, I didn't get on with it. But the Genesis sits on my .22. I know its over kill but it works fine and is a good scope for add on night vision.. Just a thought mate..

    Where are you? You can have a look through mine if you like?


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    Thanks D
    I emailed Deben and sent them some photos this afternoon, they wrote back and suggested I contact Anschutz regarding the scope mounts since they were puzzled. they responded within an hour so thanks Deben for that.

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    I'm away from the area at the moment but thanks for the offer,


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    I've got a 1417 .22lr (basically same rifle) and have a Schmidt 8x56 on it - we tried various ones in the shop but settled on some BKL 2 piece double strap high mounts as these worked best with the 56 objective and, most importantly, are narrow enough to allow the bolt to come up and over and cycle fully back. All the other mounts are too wide and stop the bolt going back past the rear dovetail section.
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    Heres my anny 1517 with a 10-50 x 56 scope on

    has Sportsmatch Medium Reach fwds mounts and a set of SM riser blocks (to clear a Moderator)

    the mounts on their own are very close to touching

    SM high mounts should work

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