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Thread: Budget Binos

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    Budget Binos

    I've been asked to help a young lad get started stalking.

    Got him a basic 308 with pecar scope so rifle is sorted.

    He's asked now for advice on a pair of binos what do you guys recomend, ideally cheap as chips but outstanding optics! Mission impossible but what do you recon.

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    Check your local Gumtree for good name bins is the best bet.
    They won't bee the coolest latest lightest but with a bit of luck they'll be good kit.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Vortex - or try delta if you have an in vision meat mate

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    I've got a set of Minox for sale. Very good light gathering. I have another set of minox as my main set so others can go to a new home.

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    get good old Carl Zeiss Jena(jenoptem) 10x50

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    Quote Originally Posted by reecho View Post
    get good old Carl Zeiss Jena(jenoptem) 10x50
    I second that although I prefer 7x or 8x. 10x is a bit hard to hold steady. But an old pair of Zeiss will be better and longer lasting than a cheap pair of no name binos. You can pick up Hensoldt 8x32s on ebay for about 100 or less if you are patient. They will withstand the harshest treatment and have good optics.

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    Minox 8 x42 think sportsmans gun centre was selling them for 130 ?
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    Depends on your idea of budget,

    However I recently purchased a set of minox BV 8x42 for 120 from sportsman, and for the money they are superb. I very much doubt I will ever have the justification for a more expensive set... except for the fact that im a gear tart...

    If you go down that line make sure you get the BV range not the BF as they are the same glass just different coatings and the BV come with their 30 year comfort warranty and the BF get 5....



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    Got my Jenna's for 15 in a charity shop.

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    Opticron for me. Best budget out there. Second hand Swarovski though would b good. Depends on budget.

    ATB Karl

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