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    Sad Event

    Just back from a RTC involving a Roebuck nr Brockenhurst A337,the sad thing for me is that he was the stand buck for one of my adjacent permissions,and I had been watching him for a few weeks as the Roe had been absent due to fallow pressure and he was with a group of 4 that had returned to the wood....although it is the start of the buck season and he was safe from me, it is a paradox that I was the one to administer the coup de grace ,pelvic injuries and broken back leg.......hey ho

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    Not a nice thing to have to do in those circumstances, but the welfare of the beast is the thing

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    That is very sad. It sounds as if you manage your deer with the best intentions which is commendable. I hope one of the four you mention is a young son successor with more road sense!
    Have zero tolerance on the fallow if you can which will help. Roe and Fallow don't seem to mix too well and it is always the Roe that become displaced. At least you were there to help him in his hour of need. You should take some comfort in that.

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    Thanks for that MS,yes there is a satellite buck albeit a yearling,maybe the does will solicit another mature buck at rut time..we will see,as you say fallow control is having an effect the owners had 300 hay bales on the year I started control ,they now have 1200 per annum! +some free venison!

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    Very unfortunate. Especially if you'd been shepherding him
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    Humane despatch is one of the few things I really hate about shooting but I do it.

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