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Thread: CZ452 American 17HMR

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    CZ452 American 17HMR

    Good condition 17hmr which is deadly accurate out to 150 yards. Only selling as my 223 tends to come out more with me now.

    Comes with Sirocco moderator, Nikko Stirling gameking scope and metal magazine.

    6 boxes of 17 grain VMax available too

    300 without ammo or 350 with ammo.
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    Hello Bud

    Just wanted to point out that its not a sirocco mod its anASE Utra rimfire mod which at around 85.00 new is nearly 3 times the price of the sirrocco, a very effective mod on the .17 too!

    Best of luck wit the sale!
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    Thanks for that, I knew it was a good mod and was looking on Dauntsey's website to try and find it and thought it was a sirocco!!

    Includes the ASE moderator shown.....still the same price!!!! . Like mentioned above its an effective moderator on the hmr......

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    how is the rifle, did you buy if new and whats the round count? please


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    Hi Si, rifle shoots great. It is in general good condition with only a few knocks to the wood, the worst one is shown in the photos. I am the 3rd owner of the rifle with the previous owner being my mentor and the first owner one of his friends. Rifle is now 4-5 years old and total round count is under 1000, most probably nearer 900 in all honesty. I bought it 18 months ago with 600 rounds on the clock and i have out 3-400 through it...

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    Am after a howa 1500 308 stainless barrel so consider one of them in part exchange?

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