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Thread: SAAMI Newsflash

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    SAAMI Newsflash

    SAAMI | Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute

    Just seen on the web... they have given in and agreed to call bullets "heads".

    ps...the newsflash was dated 1st April
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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    SAAMI | Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute

    Just seen on the web... they have given in and agreed to call bullets "heads".
    Quite wrong, bearing in mind a slightly earlier post regarding bullet terminology. Those who care not for good use of the English Language would probably have difficulty differentiating between a spade and a shovel. Or even calling a horse a donkey - but then it may be said that they are asses!
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    If the bit that flies is the head, why is the head stamp at the other end. The new terminology is just plain wrong I am afraid.


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    I'm sad that one of my favourite films may have to be renamed.
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    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    From the latest episode of 'SAAMI Street' for all the kids watching

    From the letter 'H' -

    The end of the cartridge case in which the primer or priming is inserted and the surface upon which the headstamp identification is imprinted. HEAD CLEARANCE The distance between the head of a fully seated cartridge or shell and the face of the breech bolt when the action is in the closed position. Commonly confused with headspace. HEAD, REBATED See Cartridge, Rebated. HEADSPACE The distance from the face of the closed breech of a firearm to the surface in the chamber on which the cartridge case seats. HEADSPACE GAGE A device used in a firearm to determine the distance between the breech face and the chamber surface on which the cartridge seats. Also called Breeching Plug. HEADSTAMP Numerals, letters and symbols (or combinations) stamped into the head of a cartridge case or shotshell to identify the manufacturer, caliber or gage, and other additional information.

    And from the letter 'B' -

    A non-spherical projectile for use in a rifled barrel and sometimes contained within a sabot.
    BULLET CASTING A process for making lead bullets by pouring molten metal into a mold. BULLET CREEP OR POPPING The movement of a bullet out of the cartridge case due to the recoil of the firearm (and the inertia of the bullet) when firing another cartridge in the firearm. Also called Bullet Starting. BULLET DIAMETER The maximum dimension across the largest cylindrical section of a bullet. BULLET DROP See Drop, Bullet. BULLET ENGRAVING 1. The grooves cut into a bullet by barrel rifling.2. The forming of grooves in a bullet by the barrel rifling. BULLET JACKET A metallic cover over the core of the bullet. BULLET JUMP The distance that a bullet must travel from its position at rest in the cartridge case to its initial engagement of the rifling. BULLET LUBRICATOR The tool used to lubricate bullets. BULLET METAL Metal forming the entire bullet or bullet core. Usually an alloy of lead, antimony and/or tin. BULLET MOLD A split block of metal having one or more cavities into which molten lead is poured to form a bullet. BULLET PENETRATION That distance which a bullet travels into the target material. BULLET PULL The force required to extract a bullet from the case into which it was loaded. BULLET PULLER 1. An instrument that measures the force required to extract a bullet from live ammunition.2. A tool used to remove bullets from live ammunition. BULLET PULLER, INERTIA A tool using impact to remove a bullet from a cartridge case. BULLET SIZING See Sizing. BULLET SLIPPAGE OR STRIPPING Slippage or stripping occurs if the bullet fails to engage the rifling properly. BULLET SPIN OR ROTATION The rotational motion imparted to the bullet by the rifling in the barrel. BULLET SPINNER A mechanical device used to detect the amount of eccentricity in a bullet between its rotational axis and the outer surface of the bullet. BULLET SPLASH The spatter and fragmentation of a bullet upon impacting a hard surface. BULLET STABILIZATION The act of steadying a bullet in flight by use of the proper rifling twist and bullet velocity. BULLET TIPPING The instability of a bullet in flight. Sometimes referred to as keyholing. BULLET TRAP A device to safely stop a bullet in flight. Usually found in indoor ranges behind the target area. BULLET UPSET In Interior Ballistics: The change of bullet form due to chamber pressure. In Exterior Ballistics: The expansion of a bullet upon impact with target. BULLET, BOATTAIL A specific design of bullet having a tapered or truncated conical base. BULLET, CAPPED Consists of a standard lead type bullet having a harder metal jacket (gilding metal, copper, etc.) over the nose. BULLET, CAST A bullet formed by pouring molten lead alloy into a mold. BULLET, COATED Lead bullet, having a thin coating of another material such as brass, copper, nylon, etc. BULLET, COPPER JACKETED A bullet having an outer jacket of copper or copper alloy, and containing a lead alloy core. BULLET, CORE The inner section of a jacketed bullet, usually lead. BULLET, DISINTEGRATING See Bullet, Frangible. BULLET, DUMDUM An obsolete term referring to an expanding bullet manufactured at the British Arsenal in Dumdum, India around 1900. BULLET, EXPANDING A hunting bullet design that provides for controlled expansion upon impact. BULLET, EXPLODING A bullet containing an explosive in the nose, intended to explode on impact. BULLET, FLAT-NOSED A bullet with flattened front end at right angles to the axis. BULLET, FRANGIBLE A projectile designed to readily break up upon impact on a hard surface in order to minimize ricochet or spatter. BULLET, FULL METAL CASE See Bullet, Full Metal Jacket. BULLET, FULL METAL JACKET A projectile in which the bullet jacket encloses most of the core with the exception of the base. Also called Full-Jacketed, Full Patch, Full Metal Case. BULLET, GALLERY See Bullet, Frangible. BULLET, GAS CHECK A lead alloy bullet with a copper or gilding metal cup pressed over the heel. BULLET, HOLLOW BASE A bullet with a deep heel cavity. BULLET, HOLLOW POINT A bullet with a cavity in the nose to facilitate expansion. BULLET, INSIDE LUBRICATED A bullet having lubrication in grooves on the bearing surface of the projectile. When seated, these grooves are covered by the cartridge case. BULLET, LEAD A bullet formed by a lead alloy. BULLET, METAL CASED See Bullet, Full Metal Jacket. BULLET, MUSHROOM A bullet that has expanded upon impact into a mushroom-like shape. BULLET, NATIONAL MATCH A bullet manufactured specifically for ammunition issued to competitors at the National Matches. BULLET, OGIVE The curved forward part of a bullet. BULLET, OPEN POINT EXPANDING See Bullet, Hollow Point. BULLET, OUTSIDE LUBRICATED A lead bullet lubricated on the surface not covered by the cartridge case. BULLET, PARTITION A bullet designed for controlled expansion having a jacket which is divided into two cavities which enclose the forward and rear cores of the bullet. It is designed so the first cavity expands and the rear cavity holds together for penetration. BULLET, PLATED The entire bullet, or just the jacket, electrolitically plated with a different material. BULLET, PLUG 1. A device used in scoring bullet holes in a paper target.2. A pin inserted in a bullet mold to form a cavity in the nose or base of a bullet. BULLET, ROUND NOSE An elongated projectile with a radiused nose. BULLET, SEMI-JACKETED A bullet with a partial jacket exposing a lead nose. BULLET, SEMI-JACKETED HOLLOW POINT A projectile having a jacket exposing a lead nose with a cavity. BULLET, SEMI-WAD CUTTER A projectile with a distinct shoulder and short truncated cone at the forward end. BULLET, SOFT POINT A design providing for exposure of a portion of the core at the nose of a jacketed bullet. BULLET, SPENT A bullet which has lost all of its kinetic energy. BULLET, SPIRE POINT A bullet with a near conical ogive. BULLET, SPITZER A bullet design having a sharp pointed, long ogive, usually of seven calibers (i.e. length to diameter ratio of 7 to 1.)or more BULLET, STEEL JACKETED Plated or clad steel is sometimes used as a substitute for gilding metal or copper in bullet jacket material. BULLET, SWAGED A bullet that has been completely formed by impacting the bullet material into a die. BULLET, TOTAL METAL JACKET Bullet made by copper plating a lead slug to create a jacket that completely encases the core. This jacket is thicker than cosmetic copper plating BULLET, TRUNCATED A design of a flat-nosed bullet having a conical shape rather than a nose formed by a radius. BULLET, TRUNCATED CONE A design of a flat-nosed bullet having a conical shape rather than ogive formed by a curve or radius. BULLET, WADCUTTER A generally cylindrical bullet design having a sharp shouldered nose intended to cut target paper cleanly to facilitate easy and accurate scoring. BULLET, WAX A bullet made from paraffin and other wax preparation, usually for short range indoor target shooting. BULLET, WOBBLE A characteristic caused by the eccentricity or imbalance of the bullet to the axis of the bore. See Yaw. BULLET-PUSH The force required to shorten a cartridge by pushing on the bullet.

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    I wonder why SAAMI still properly define the bullet & head correctly in the glossary section of their website. ---- Confusing or what?? !!!


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    As Private Fraser says - It is April the first.

    And continuing the theme of levity, how many of us think that punctuation is unimportant based on the following, entirely different sentences?

    The Judge said Alice is a fool.

    The Judge, said Alice, is a fool.

    Or do some think they are the same?

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    A panda walks into a restaurant, sits down and orders a sandwich. After he finishes eating the sandwich, the panda pulls out a gun and shoots the waiter, and then stands up to go.
    "Hey!" shouts the manager. "Where are you going? You just shot my waiter and you didn't pay for your sandwich!"

    The panda yells back at the manager, "Hey man, I am a PANDA! Look it up!"
    The manager opens his dictionary and sees the following definition for panda: "A tree-dwelling marsupial of Asian origin, characterised by distinct black and white colouring. Eats shoots and leaves."
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    I wonder if those that think that insisting on correct terminology with reference to bullets is being pedantic, also believe calling antlers horns is acceptable also?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    You people need to get a life

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