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Thread: Tick Prevention for young dogs?

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    Tick Prevention for young dogs?

    Questions for the Vets ---

    My Golden Retriever pup Paddy is now 5 months old & has already had a couple of ticks on him this last month. Living in the wilds of the Highlands it is inevitable that he will get them - so I want to protect him as best as possible.

    What is the best way of protecting him & repelling the ticks?
    I've used flea/tick collars & Frontline on adult dogs in the past - I don't like the collars as they seem to knock the dog about for a few days & I believe Frontline is not suitable for puppies.
    What alternatives are there?

    Also -- What antiseptic is best to apply to the bite site after removing the tick? -- Paddy gets a lump there for a day or two each time & I feel that some kind if antiseptic wouldn't be a bad idea.


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    Not sure what is available on your side of the Atlantic, but I use K9Advantix on my lab, does a great job, one application every 4 weeks, no ticks. I use this particular brand as the other similar products make my dog ill, not puking sick but listless, tired, and just not herself for about 24 hours. K9Advantix has the same side affects just not as bad. Get the right dosage for dog's size, if still unsure ask a vet.

    In our local farm supply stores they have a permethrin product that can be used on animals as a wash and is safe. Again it lasts about a month but you MUST follow the instructions carefully. I haven't used this very often, I buy the stuff to treat my hunting clothes (10% permethrin product diluted with 15 parts of water in a 5 gallon bucket, soak clothes for about an hour or when you remember to pull them out, air dry and wear. It must be completely dry and wear rubber gloves, permethrin is a nerve agent when wet but perfectly safe when dry). I did not use this on her when she was a puppy. Again, ask the vet about this.

    My dog gets the same bump when I remove a tick, I use the same antibiotic ointment I have in my first aid kit unless it is in a place she can lick, then I just clean the spot with soap and water or a disinfectant scrub and keep an eye on it. My theory is if it works on me, it will probably work on my dog. As usual, ask the vet if concerned.

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    Ask your vet about Nexgard and Bravecto. Either monthly or three monthly tablet to protect against ticks and fleas. Use them in my own dogs and they work well. Easy to administer. Not affected by bathing. Even low toxicity when the Patterdale ate them both.......

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    I am using Nexgard on my little springers, third month now. I have not found a live tick on them since I started using it. Either it is faster acting than Frontline or I am not finding them as early as I used to. I have removed three dead ones from the youngster in the last four days.

    The old girl rarely reacts with a bump on the bite site, the youngster (no relation) almost invariably does. I use the alcohol hand gel stuff on the bump.

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    i use animology flea and tick shampoo 1 wash will last about 8 weeks u get it from pets at home i use it on all our dogs and never any problems

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    Knowing where you are I think the only real solution would be to keep him inside! Not much help I know.................................

    All the best,

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    Thanks for the advice chaps, I think I'll mix up some eucalyptus, tea tree & lavender oil & give him a very light wipe over when grooming/checking him to help deter the blighters & look at getting some Nexguard as the main treatment.


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    I used the Bravecto last summer. It lasted 5 months which I found phenomenal. Must try it on the dog this year ��

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    Useful post. I'll look into this since I'll be up in the highlands this year and don't want the dog coming down with anything.

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    Must admit i'e always used Advantix and it works well, yet the other vets in town sells Frontline and seem to still get ticks after using frontline.

    Must admit i only put the front line on for 2months this time of year and 1 or 2 months Aug/Sept time, i work my dogs on the grouse a lot but u generally dinae get many ticks on moors.

    I find long grassy bits far worse for ticks, there is a path not far from my house where u would never expect ticks yey if ur dogs are untreated u will get a few on each time.

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