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Thread: Requirements for selling venison?

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    Requirements for selling venison?

    I've just spoken to my new boss and managed to get a few thousand acres permission for deer and fox- she asked me to find out where we would stand on selling venison, we are an established organic beef/lamb/pork producer with an onsite butchery and several farmers market stalls- a great venue to sell venison. However although I have a fair amount of stalking experience I have no qualifications and know you need dsc1? I think to sell to game dealers- so my question is if I were to find someone with the appropriate qualifications to deem the carcasses safe would we be allowed to sell them through existing business or are seperate game licences required? Any help or sources of information would be greatly appreciated! atb, Ross

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    Well, I approached a dealer and asked if they wanted any carcasses, he replied "Yes", I then asked if they wanted a copy of my Cert (DSC 1)and if they wanted the pluck, he said no to a copy of the cert and if I could bring in the liver as they always sell. I said about tagging the carcass, he looked at me as though I had asked the square route of 67, total blank, then when I explained what info it would hold, he said, "No, Don't bother with any of that, just drop the carcass off".

    Needless to say, I'll not be dropping anything off, if I have a carcass to sell as I think it could lead to dealing with the unwanted.


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    I would recommend reading reviewing the following page on the FSA website.

    and specifically reading
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    Your local "Authority" already overseeing your current business will be more than helpful in assisting you. They really will help, not hinder.

    First port of call.


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    Surely if I as a trained hunter were to come and shoot the deer for you, I could then legally sell it to you as a local food business?
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    As A DSc1 holder you can only sell to a game dealer. Answer might be if your employer applies for game dealers licence. If already doing beef/lamb etc there should be no problem.

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    Surely I can sell small amounts to local outlets and to end users? Key words being small amounts and local.
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    Harry mac - you are correct. I have two friends who sell deer un-skinned to pubs/restaurants. Their only requirement is to keep records. If you skin and process the carcass, then what smullery says above applies. JCS

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    Well I've manged to find someone with dsc1 to sign off on carcasses! Spoke to the local authority and so long as game isn't the primary foodstuff we are selling there is no need for a game dealers licence! Now all I have to do is find the deer! Happy days.

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