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Thread: View of Loch Ness.

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    View of Loch Ness.

    It is difficult to take a nice pic of Loch Ness, but I thought this one was a bit different? Bill.

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    lovely pics you have an eye for a nice view,

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    Excellent photo, does anyone else see the face in the tree?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highseat View Post
    Excellent photo, does anyone else see the face in the tree?
    Substance abuse is a beautiful thing. Make mine a Laphroaig

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    The face jump out immediately to me too. Got a big nose though.
    What a great old craggy tree that is.

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    Was that actually a double rainbow, quite rare if it is, or just a trick of the camera.

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    Thanks for the compliments guys - and yes bogtrotter, a double rainbow...

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