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Thread: First FAC

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    First FAC

    Well, after sometime I have finally got somewhere I can now apply for my fac.

    It's all written and due to go in the post tomorrow. New fee's though - however not to bothered as here in merseyside we have a gooden, in the form of Parker!! No BSing him though, knows his stuff.

    The new forms are a bit strange with regards to countersignator, they don't have to be signed nor does a picture have to be indorsed by them, which I found a bit strange.

    I am applying for, 22lr, 17hmr and 22hornet.

    The 22lr - for vermin excluding foxes and it's a good starter rifle and have shot one and very much enjoyed shooting it.

    The HMR for vermin & short range fox, just to give the extra legs on vermin such as bunnies and crows.

    The hornet for vermin and fox, but mainly so I have a dedicated fox cal, although I understand all are capable, I want a rifle for the foxes that are more than 70/80 yards, as its not fair or justifiable to injure a fox at 150 yards with a HMR and then for it to run off and die slowly and painfully. After all we want to project our sport as humane as possible. Also the hornet for long range crows,jack daws etc.

    Also mods for all 3 calibres too.

    Hopefully I won't be waiting to long, however I expect to wait around 4/5 months I would say was reasonable for first grant.

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    Best of luck with the application.

    How come new fees though? I thought the new fees came into effect on 6th April. I've just checked the West Mercia website and can't see any mention of new fees on there yet....

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    To be honest, the new forms are better I think. I renewed my shotgun cert. a short while ago and it does simplify matters.

    Good luck, pezz69.

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    Thanks chaps for the wishes.

    Richard, I rang up the FLO to clarify a few things with them, and they said due to the bank holiday, unless it was in tomorrow, I will have to pay the new fees due to it not getting there before the date that the fees go up. Which to be honest I am not bothered, as everytime I have had to deal with Merseyside they have been nothing but helpful. I can't sing their praises high enough to be honest.

    Pedro, Yes once I had come my small brain round it, it is much easier, I just couldn't understand the non signing business.

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    Good luck with your application, and good shooting, I put off for years thinking it was too much trouble but its one of the best things I ever did. Tom

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    I recently received my first FAC and was granted .17hmr, .22lr, .308 and FAC shotgun. I was pretty nervous about the interview but it turned out there was no need be. My application took 4 months in total although mine was rushed through slightly as it was coterminous with my SGC which was up for renewal.

    Good luck with the application!

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    4 months?? thats outrageous!!!


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    I think for grant that is about right to be honest, however it takes as long as it takes. I'm not in a massive rush for it.

    I also keep changing my mind as what to apply for too, it must of changed about 3 times since I posted this!!

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    2 - 4 weeks in Wiltshire!

    If you're going for hornet I'd seriously consider reloading, if you do so you'll be able to load ammo for virtually the same price as HMR. I'd also get the hornet first as you'll likely not take the HMR out once you have the hornet, I got my hornet last autumn and the hummer has not been out since, in fact it's up for sale because the hornet does everything it does and more.

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    Good luck with getting your fac mate, like it's said above, I would get hornet first as well. Soon as I got my first c/f rifle. My hmr never come out of the cabinet again and got rid a year later.

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