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Thread: Another Kindle Book

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    Another Kindle Book

    I came across another very good Kindle book the other day.

    A bear in the back seat II by Kim DeLozier.

    I can't remember what it cost but it won't have been more than 1.99 or so.

    It is about the work of a US National Park Wildlife Officer. It contains some very good stories about darting and relocation of animals.

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    Good book, but somewhat slow in places.

    on a related note, I actually got to spend yesterday with our state bear biologist. Too much to relate, saw a thousand interesting photos, skulls, bear traps, etc....
    However, the one take away from hi was that it was mostly the people that needed darted and relocated - not the bears. Seems that they are one species uniquely able to be warped and twisted with just a bit of free food.

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