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Thread: recommended gunsmith Bath/Bristol area.

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    recommended gunsmith Bath/Bristol area.


    Im looking at getting my sako m591 bedded and a bit of a trigger overhaul done. Im not really confident enough to attempt the work myself. Can anyone recommend a good gunsmith in the Bristol/Bath area? Alternatively is there anyone out there who would be willing to show me how its done?


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    If someone was kind enough to show me the ropes, id be happy to return the favour with some shooting.


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    YouTube, plenty of stuff on there.

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    I would give it a go myself but im a bit worried about causing more harm than good and i read somewhere that for the sako m591 its best to fabricate an improved recoil lug which i cant do.


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    Just bed the recoil lug into the stock, tape up the barrel to keep it square and straight then bed the recoil lug and tang. That's all it needs.

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    Ok thanks for the info jager sa.


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    If you don't mind coming over the bridge,give Vince a ring,Just the other side of Newport....Top Gunsmith/engineer ...01443 201747

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    cheers mate,

    il give him a call

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