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Thread: Grim discovery!! With graphic pics of a dead deer!

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    Grim discovery!! With graphic pics of a dead deer!

    My shooting buddy was out on our ground Tues and sent me a txt and a couple of photos of a dead deer that he thought may be a Roe (as did I from the pic sent!) White patch right in the middle of the pic.

    I went across there to drag it out of the lake yesterday and it turned out to be a Sika hind!

    It had a wound on the back leg so i assume an RTA as the A14 is close by. I opened it up to make sure it wasn't an exit wound from a bad shot or poachers but there was no sign of shock from a rifle round. I also did a partial gralloch and opened up the guts which were virtually empty so she hadn't fed for a while. (Good job I have a strong stomach!!)
    There was a clear couch area next to a young tree that had been nibbled and her teeth had fibres in, so I think she had lay there a while, trying to get some sustenance from the tree whip, then gone to get a drink and keeled over and drowned.

    I'm not up to speed on ageing the larger deer but the teeth had little wear and she wasn't huge, hence my thoughts about being fairly young?!

    Certainly not the way I wanted to see my 1st dead Sika but hey ho, that's the way it goes. It will be put to good use though as I have a bait station set up for charlie not far away with a trailcam so should attract some attention!


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    Partial Gralloch!!....bloody hell mate, rather you than me..yuk, you going for the new season of CSI Peterborough?

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    Ha ha that's what my mate said but I don't mind getting my hands dirty!! (Although I did wear some thick rubber gloves) I wanted to be sure there was no dodgy issue but the bits and bobs seemed in good order, albeit a bit smelly!!

    I was quite surprised at the amount of fat in there tbh. Just shows how good the eating is around here during the mild winters I guess!
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    Fair point, would have been a concern of mine too, especially if it showed up foul play.

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    Injured deer often are found near water, pulled a dead fallow out of a lake last year, someone once said to me that they seek out water to try to reduce their body temperature when the infection is most rampent.

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    When I think about it, how many naturally dead deer do I find/see ?

    Age and the natural tooth reduction leads to starvation, the natural cause of deer death. Injury/accident can only accelerate this.


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