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Thread: Steyr Scout or SM12SX ? (.308)

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    Steyr Scout or SM12SX ? (.308)

    Hi All,
    About to replace my old .308 with a Steyr scout or SM12SX. Aware the Scout has been around a good while longer and therefore tried / tested etc.
    Thoughts from anyone who has experience of both?

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    Had a few steyrs still got two I wouldn't go scout as the integral bipod is not adjustable where as the sm can have open sights and comes in a variety of flavours guess it depends on the type of shooting your going to be mostly at chap ,personally I like the look of the sm .

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    Thanks Norma,
    Agree on the scout bipod, a mate has fitted a traditional bipod to good effect on his scout. My .308 Will be scoped with a suppressor also. My stalking will be mostly Roe and Fallow at distances almost always less than 250m. I'm 60/40 on the SM12SX light

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    I have owned a Scout for the last 15 years and am very happy with it. It is light, short and easy to use and plenty accurate enough for the purposes you describe. At the East Mercia BDS range day at Calton Moor last year I consistently hit the 2inch disc at 200m with it and the fox target at 300m was easy. As for the bipod; it is far more useful than it is given credit for. I have used it on deer on 2 occasions in 15 years so bipods are not something I would ever fit onto a stalking rifle just weight I do not need. That said I frequently use the bipod to keep the rifle off the deck while sorting myself out prior to beginning a stalk. What is very useful is the rear mag well for when I want to relocate to another area on my stalking then I can just unload and put it in the rear mag well and have it totally safe but have it ready for action nearly instantly.

    Happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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    Scouts are marmite but I've had three (.223, .243 and .308) and still have 2 now. They are awesome! I love how light, pointable, flexible and downright accurate they are.
    My .308 also loves 150g PPU and puts three touching at 100y.
    I shot my .243 at 450y this week to calculate the MV using iStrelok's Truing function and all three were 1.25" vertical and 3.5" wide! That was off of the micky-mouse bipod on the bonnet of the truck

    If you like the looks then go for the Scout- it will do everything you could wish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbo46 View Post
    Thanks Norma,
    Agree on the scout bipod, a mate has fitted a traditional bipod to good effect on his scout. My .308 Will be scoped with a suppressor also. My stalking will be mostly Roe and Fallow at distances almost always less than 250m. I'm 60/40 on the SM12SX light
    Its horses for coarses really the last five deer I've shot were all off the bipod and three I had to adjust the legs to get a stable shot platform hence my remark on bipods ,steyr do the light version which has no open sights and sports a fluted barrel so can be threaded .i have no doubt either rifle will shoot well it's what ever suits you .
    cheers Norma

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    That's pretty much where my mind is, i.e. I'm sure either will shoot well, great to hear (and see) such positive feedback on the scout though, kinda curious as to sm12sx still.... Now, if I could just have my licenses back (away for variation and address change), I can go shopping

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    i had a few scouts not a .308 but the 19" .243 was one of the only rifles i regretted selling a real tac driver love them or hate them ! the bolt takes a bit of getting used to but well built in a small package .

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    I have a Scout in the cabinet and love it to bits... mine is stainless with the fluted barrel and now has a Lawrence Precision mod on it (pic below is the old ASE Utra) and weighs not much more than my son's air rifle. The compromise is it's not a match-winning target rifle but, for stalking purposes, has been perfectly accurate and shoots tidy groups out to 200m+

    I, personally, think the integrated bipod is genius and have had no problem with it being non-adjustable. It's quick to deploy, As a previous poster mentions it's also very useful for cleaning, putting aside, laying down etc.

    If you plan to WALK a lot on your forays you'd be pushed to find a lighter, more rugged and capable rifle. I really notice the weight on my other rifle after an hour or so creeping around, not so with the Scout.
    Was my first rifle and I will likely never let it go.

    One caveat: if you are planning a 56mm scope you will struggle on the Scout due to the rail height to can be done, I think, but the scope will be very high which may be uncomfortable. I have a 50mm on mine and there's a hair's breadth twixt the barrel and scope...

    (oh, and you get to put a spare mag in the stock which you will never need but just feels fun to load up.... )

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks casual t, very interesting comments, I also have a Lawrence precision mod which is definitely staying. Objective lenses is 50mm so all in all will be a v similar set up.

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