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Thread: Deer chiller and processing unit

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    Deer chiller and processing unit

    Hi ,

    i have for sale a deer chiller and processing unit with capacity for 20 fallow with a rolling rail system running through the chiller and butchery out to the covered lareding area which is winched and has in-line scales for easy weighing.

    The he unit is 2.3 x5 m and the covered larder area which is all galvanised and is 2.5/2.5m

    included are 10 roller hooks
    fully fitted stainless tables and sink
    knee hand wash in butchery
    hand wash in larder area
    inline digital scales

    all floors vinyl covered

    this unit is a complete set up for someone wanting to start a venison business. I have outgrown it and therefore it is availed for sale.

    Please pm for details and pictures

    price 12000+vat
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    Bump open to sensible offers

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    Do you have some photos of your unit

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