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Thread: Hunting in Austria

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    Hunting in Austria

    I'm staying in Mayrhofen at the moment; there are plenty of bars with steinbock and red stag skull mounts, and the surrounding mountains look like they should hold a lot of game. Have any SD members hunted in Austria? I would be interested to hear about the species available, the method used, and a rough indication of the likely costs. Thanks, Rupert

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    Just google "Zillertal hunting shooting" --- lots of leads online to follow up whilst you are there. -- Much better than trying to do it from home.

    I used to ski the Zillertal valley in the 1980 period & saw all sorts of beasties from the lifts. - Always was on the first lift in the morning - that is when I saw the most.


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    With the rifle: Boar, Mouflon, Chamois, Red, roe and if all else fails a Marmot my kid's skiing instructor has just told me!

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    Thanks for the replies - I'll be on the first lift tomorrow! Nick, let me know if you're here at the noment and fancy a quick pint or a gluhwein tomorrow.

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    I've hunted chamois near Taxenbach (Zell am zee), and as you have been told saw red stags (massive), fox and marmots while out.

    Price wise I did it through a friend who has ground there and a lot of contacts so couldn't tell you what a commercial outfitter would charge but I know that normally it is very expensive to hunt and you are restricted to what can be shot to a degree in line with a cull plan which classes stags/chamios etc.

    Stalking wise, we usually started with head torches at early o'clock for about an hour and a half at what I'd call a 'brisk' pace to a view point or until the guide disappeared into what I can only describe as a covered grouse butt where we waited till the light came up drinking coffee and then began to spy.

    The scenery is, as I'm sure your aware, breathtaking; as was the stalk if you know what I mean .

    It was excellent in every sense. Prior to my final (unfortunately unsuccessful) stalk I spent the night in a hunting cabin attached to a cow shed full of beasts like on a 'Milka' wrapper complete with bells (one of which was the downfall of my last stalk), trying to sleep for a few hours with a thunderstorm outside - great memories!!

    I was invited back last year but couldn't go due to family commitments but am going to try and get back this year or on a definite date next year.

    Distance wise for a shot is anything up to and probably over 300m on chamois, I cannot speak for stags as I only looked at them from distance - and they looked massive head wise. That's my tuppence and limited experience of Austrian hunting - go for it if you ever get the chance.

    There is a good nature reserve at the tolls near a mountain pass (which name escapes me), where people pay to drive (think BMW etc use it to test cars), which has all the European game and is worth a visit if you have time.

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