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Thread: Kicks Smoke Chokes

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    Kicks Smoke Chokes

    I have 2 x Kicks Smoke chokes for a 12 gauge Beretta in their new Optima HP fitment. I have just imported these from the States 2 weeks ago.
    They have fired 2 shots each before I sold my 692 sporter and I can promise that this is true. These Chokes look amazing and you can't get them in the UK. Google Kicks Smoke chokes to see what they look like or I can email pictures. They extend nearly 2" past the muzzle and are ported. These are both half choke and still in the original packaging.
    They cost me around 150 all in so they are a bargain at 100 + 5 for postage.

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    Bugger, if they'dve been Mobil instead of Optima I'dve snapped your hand off.

    Crackin chokes hope someone snaps em up!

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