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Thread: Rifle Not Grouping

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    Rifle Not Grouping

    Hi all,

    As I have previously posted, I am shooting a .308 Parker Hale (possibly a 1100 lightweight but isn't in any way stamped with that), which I have owned for around a month but have as of yet had not managed to zero it.

    I have been given plenty of advise about scope choices, and am aware that the current scope is not suitable (BSA Essencial Hunting Scope). I had hoped the scope would do me for a stalk booked at the end of this month before I looked at replacing it shortly after, but am now worried it is just not suitable.

    So my question; If a rifle isn't grouping but seems to be stringing rounds all over a vertical line - not moving up or down after every shot but more or less randomly sprayed in a 1 inch wide strip up the middle of the target spanning 6-8 inches vertically, is it most likely a scope issue or could it be a rifle issue? - I understand this isn't much information to go on so I'm just looking for your best guesses.

    Thanks for any help you can offer,


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    I'd first try it with a known good scope maybe of a friend and then report back

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    Has it got a mod and is the ammo sound

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    Scope could be a problem as I have an old Parker Hale and haven't updated the bases so I'm currently stuck with low rings that make the bolt brush the scope - wouldn't want to borrow a scope knowing I would be scratching the bottom of it every time I cycled the bolt.
    It has a mod which was on tight but which came with te rifle so I don't know it's history.
    Ammo should be sound, Factory Winchester Super-X 150gr.

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    Most rifles will shoot ok, unless the barrel is shot out or the crown damaged, so you should be able to get reasonable-ish groups with factory ammo.
    The vertical random pattern of shots has the hallmarks of a loose reticle, so perhaps the scope is U/S?. Try another scope of known reliability on the rifle with properly fitted rings and bases. This will tell you whether you have a duff scope.
    Let us know how you get on.

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    Hi Ryan, I had my howa 7RM do something similar last year and found the rear leopold scope mount was loose, in fact one screw was missing. Check everything that can be tightened is tightened, scope mounts, rings and action screws. Failing that try a different ammo/weight. My tikka m55 hates 170g geco but shoots .75moa nato 7.62 which I believe are 155g. I'm not familiar with your rifle but get online and find the twist rate and see what others are using. Is the trigger good or stiff? Is the firing pin holding up? I've had this on a couple of rimfires. Are you flinching (no offence, I don't know your experience) is it moderated. If so take it of and try a group, it might be causing it. I've heard of a couple of Lee Enfields spraying bullets all over caused by eroded muzzles, lop 2" off and they were back on song. Or contact Muir!!

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    it sounds like you need someone close to you that can give it the once over and then you can get a decent zero,firstly im not a fan of that winnie ammo,but i do know a lot use privvi its cheap and accurate in most peoples rifles, im no genius but i think your flapping because the stalks coming closer,ring the provider and see if theres an estate rifle you can use,then that frees you up to spend some time on your own gear,go through everything one thing at a time ,and get some help,atb doug

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    Like I said, the scope is dubious and hopefully responsible, what do you mean by U/S?

    I'm going back to where I bought it tomorrow but want to go armed with some knowledge rather than blunder into it!

    I've made sure everything is tight (as tight as I dare since I don't want to wreck the scope through inexperience and enthusiasm as the previous owner of my rimmy did!) but I haven't checked the bases as I had the scope mounted in the store.

    I have tried three brands of ammo through it without success, although only the most recent (Winchester) ammo has been mentioned because it is the one I noticed the drift in - I never fired 6 shots without adjusting the scope before today, and put my inability to zero down to my inexperience (sighted my .22LR in last week with around 5 shots which is what got me thinking'why was this so hard on the other rifle...').

    I am not offended by your question about flinching - I have wondered the same thing as I have limited experience with centerfires but I am feeling fairly confident now that it is not flinch (also the rifle is moderated and really has no kick whatsoever, especially compared to 12 bore etc. which I regularly shoot).

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    I am starting to flap a little as I was hoping to take my own rifle out, but there is an estate rifle which I can use so it certainly isn't a disaster if I don't get it sorted in time.

    I meant to ask in my previous post, who is Muir??

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    U/S =useless,ps muir is a wizard that drifts around s/d on a ephereal cloud, hes also a genius,
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