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Thread: D.J.I Phantom Quadcopter V1.1.1 C/W Camera & Extra Battery

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    D.J.I Phantom Quadcopter V1.1.1 C/W Camera & Extra Battery

    Just bought from this from another Forum and got delivered today,however it's not suitable for the project I had in mind!!
    I have copied the original advert as advertised on here :

    DJI Phantom Quadcopter V1.1.1
    Complete with everything to fly out of the box
    Bought New at Xmas, only flown twice!!

    Very very easy to fly and loads of fun and comes complete with:

    Up graded Carbon Fibre landing gear and

    2 x sets of four 8" Props
    Fixed Camera Mount
    A very informative book
    1 x additional high capacity/quality upgraded battery pack

    Still all in its original box and in mint as new condition, never crashed or bumped.

    Included is a good Gopro quality equivalent 1080 HD video/stills camera (Genuine SJCAM SJ4000)



    Personal Collection
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    100?, link to images not working just now

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    Larest pics now added and as it's Almost Brand new.
    Considering these are over 375!You can have the camera for 100
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