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Thread: Hi from Warwickshire

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    Hi from Warwickshire

    Hi all. Just registered on here. Been meaning to do it for ages. Off on my DSC1 tomorrow and then looking forward to starting some stalking in the near future. Look forward to hopefully picking up some tips and advice on here. Cheers Richard

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    Hi Richard,

    welcome to the SD. Good luck with your DSC1!

    Mr. G.
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    Hi Richard
    i see your from nuneaton, I only live down the road. Where are you doing your dsc1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat7530 View Post
    Hi Richard
    i see your from nuneaton, I only live down the road. Where are you doing your dsc1?
    Hi Matt. I did the course with the BDS down in Andover. Main reason I chose them was that it was over the bank holiday weekend so saved me using any holiday up! Good course, really enjoyed it and passed! Now the real learning begins by getting out there! Where abouts are you?

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    Welcome to the site,

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