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Thread: I found brithunter

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    I found brithunter

    What do you mean i look dehydrated!!!,Attachment 54818he was on another page,,,,no i got this buck the other day no velvet it weighed 3 1/2kgs when full but i think the cuts all wrong if it doesnt get gold/silver or bronze at least i will still get wood! it did have a horn (antler)back in 1968 but lost it in a fight over a bag of cheese and onion crisps in wigan,,,,now i can put my bullets in my( head!)
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    You can get these little containers with sun to sat labelled on them, then you wont forget to take your pills!!!
    - Twts

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    i dont need those i have loads of those little raisins in the freezer that i pick up on the shoot!

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    Whatever happened to Brithunter?

    atb Tim

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    Kevin has probably gone to collect his guns.
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    Has he gone,good oh!,don't come on here so much these days due to chumps like him,sorry if that sounds harsh but he really got on my breasts.

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    He was surely the SD mascot.

    Not quite the same without him..........

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    Oh. Brithunter!

    Whenever anyone here spoke the truth that some P-Hale rifles were, to be frank, crap...he'd be at his keyboard, ruddy cheeked, tapping away like in frenzy (one can imagine) saying how wrong we were to cast slight upon the marque he so much loved.

    SD is a "broad church" but even some views were too far wide of the usual opinions so as to be unpleasant to view and to read.

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