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Thread: Volquartsen .22Semi-auto

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    Volquartsen .22Semi-auto

    has anyone on here any experience of the Volquartsen .22 Semi-auto's. I have heard they are the mutts nuts but would like some feedback from any of you SD members

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    Should have said I'm talking about a rifles not the pistols
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    One of our rifle club members had one. My daughter's pretty much bog standard 10/22 was far more reliable and equally accurate. The only alterations made to my daughter's rifle was a slight rework of the trigger and an auto release conversion (file job) total cost of alterations NIL. The Volquartsen was ammo sensitive my daughter's rifle would feed and fire most standard velocity .22 ammo.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Didn't have a volquartsen but had a rimfiremagic 10/22. The RM is machined to tolerances in between the standard and Volquartsen which makes it a little more versatile. Had a majestic arms Alumalite barrel on it.

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    Been there done it ..I had a Volquartsen barrel fitted to my 10/22 , personality I fill there well over priced in the UK it shot ok but not as good as I was expecting .. I sold it & replaced it with a Green Mountain Barrel which shot much tighter groups for half the cost ...

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    I have a Volquartsen SL .22 auto, bought it second hand and it's a superb rifle.
    I eventually sold my Anschutz bolt action as it wasn't getting used any more!
    The Volquartsen is much more reliable then many 10/22's I've tried. Mine goes for 300-500 rounds before needing a clean.
    That said I'm not sure I would pay for a new one...

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