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    Hi to All

    Hi All

    I have been in the UK for five years now. I was the only child born outside of the UK, the youngest born in RSA, I left SA five years ago due to violence that effected me personally, when the family in UK found out they said that I should come to UK, and I did, my wife and I packed up and sold everything and made the trip to the UK. The exchange rate was not in our favour so our life savings became a mere pittance when we received our travellers cheques and cash in pounds, lucky we had family to help us out. I used to collect firearms in Johannesburg and belonged to several shooting clubs and conservation clubs. I used to collect mainly the old black powder (smoking sticks), I also used to have a few standard rifles .44mag lever action, 12g / 11m side by side, .22 .577 parker hale, 9mm, 38spl, .357, to name a few, and used to shoot at least 4 times a months. In the months of May to August I used to go hunting at different farms, from the northern Cape to north of South Africa, I also hunted in Zimbabwe when I was a lot younger, hunting mainly Impala, Kudu, Wildebeest, Blesbok, Warthog, Duiker to name a few, I never hunted for trophy only for the meat, I always had a freezer with a selection of venison, most of the meat was used for Biltong (Matured Meat Spiced and Dried, good with an ice cold beer). I am now in the process of applying for my firearm permit and am looking at obtaining an licence for a shotgun and .30.30 lever action or a .30-06 bolt action. It is something that I have a passion for and it is a sport that no other can beat. I look forward to any contact and help that anyone can give me and I will try and do the same in return. Thank you for allowing me to join you and The Stalking Directory.

    Many Thanks,
    Roy Bean

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    Welcome from another S.African.


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    Welcome enjoy very informative site :-)

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    Hi there Roy. Just saw your photo in the gallery. Nice work with the open sighted 44. Like you I'm missing the hunting from my homeland but I'm enjoying being here. I'm sure you'll get lots out of the info and banter on here.

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    Hi Rory,

    How you doing, where about`s you from in SA? How long you been in UK? I can not get over the ease of walking down the roads at nite.

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    Hi Roy, I'm from Natal and the W.Cape. Will PM you. Cheers, R

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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