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    Best time to buy Euro's? ... now maybe? Having a Boar drive booked for November.
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    at 1.35 i think is a good time to buy... Even better was couple of week ago when a pound was worth 1.41 euros...

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    I've been buying batches of Euros ready for winter, you watch the pound drop now !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Best time to buy Euro's? ... now maybe? Having a Boar drive booked for November.
    The UK elections & news from the new Greek government coming up may weaken the pound against the euro, but being on a seven year high if you bought now you would be following the number one rule..'sell high', or you could think that Greece will offer up bad news and put pressure the Germans and euroland and the pound benefits or bad news at the election and loss of investment money pulling out of UK all the FC back up a few points...cos your spending a few quid only I would suggest checking the exchange rate and costs at the various banks or whatever is more important, as this rate may still be off compared to the market by a few cents anyhow, some may be free Commission.
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    FairFX – Currency Cards, Travel Cash & International Transfers

    I use one of these cards & preload either $ or Euros on each card....don't get the 'anywhere' card as it charges out on the day you spend your money.
    The other cards, Euro & $ are absolutely excellent. You buy currency and preload your card online at the best rate available. This w/end the rate is less than it has been (1.33), but 1.35 or better has got to be worth buying. Brilliant!
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    Don't forget the SAGA...and Post Office...and cards don't charge extra for foreign currency transactions....

    The big problem with the pre-loaded ones...I do use them but you should be that retailers, hoteliers etc pre-authorise amounts on the card which can block it for a few days until it clears. Also some places..un-manned fuel stations etc won't take them.

    I just bought euros for my summer biking trip after checking comparison sites...

    The best exchange rates: Boost your travel money - Money Saving Expert

    delivered here free at a good rate....1.36..

    I did some homework and it seems that the rate now is about as good as its going to get...might be some relatively small changes but the general feeling is that the pound is overvalued against the euro.

    Cue Greeks defaulting and eurozone plunges into disaster because whatever happens 'they' cant let the european 'project' fail and would rather have the whole thing go down rather than let Greece leave the euro!!
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    Went for the easy option this morning, 670.00 Euro's for £500.00 @ Sainsbury's online. Just hope Mr Soros keeps his fingers out of things!
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    That's the one I use, very handy indeed. Sometimes it is as cheap to have posted to you as it is to collect.
    I scan the site and see what is the best rate on that particular day and hit it with just enough to get either the best rate posted or collected if local.
    So far I have had good collection rates from, unbelievably the Post Office on one occasion, Thomas Cook the travel agent and delivery from MoneyCorp.
    The Kuna is also a good buy if you have Croatia in mind for holidays or driven Boar later on.
    I have a row of special racks in my book case and labelled Forint, Kunar and Euro and add to them as and when I do a deal.
    By the end of the year 9driven boar season) I am normally topped up enough to rock and roll without having to skimp on my Christmas holiday in UK.

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