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    First of all i`m hopeless on computers,this is the third time i`ve tried to introduce myself!
    Iam a proffesional stalker from the highlands,followed my father and grandfather into the trade.Stalked and shot my first deer over 35 years ago.I use a SSG .308 cut down to 18 inches, with a t8 moderator stuck on the end.Also own a SSG.243,.22 hornet,and usual.22.Shotgun used only for bolting foxes so in cabinet most of the year!
    Some interesting discussions on the site so thought i`d pop in now and then.
    What else?
    I really,really hate snow!!

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    welcome to the asylum

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    Welcome Hummel, similar background to my own.

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    Welcome Hummel,
    Spent years shooting your handle in my area, never have shot them all .
    Hope you enjoy the site as much as the rest of us do

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