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Thread: Tikka M690, 6.5x55mm.

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    Tikka M690, 6.5x55mm.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Rifle and mounts (30mm Optilocks) for sale.
    The scope is not in the sale and will go onto a Sauer Outback 6.5x55mm when I find the right one. Need a moderated rifle.
    Bought it approx. 2 years ago off a chap who was selling up. It was his pride and joy and hadn't actually done much work. I've probably shot 200 rds through it since - mainly on the range developing loads for it.

    I'd be happy to add in some once fired brass to get you going.
    I've oiled the stock several times since buying her, and also changed the plastic bolt end for an alloy one. I still have the plastic one so it can be changed back if needed.
    I'd be sad to see her go but I've got too many rifles already and it's one in one out from now on.
    There is a small chip on the stock which I've tried to show on the upside down picture. The round bit on the grip. You struggle to see it but I know it's there.
    Trigger pull is excellent and she does look a classic rifle.

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    bargain deluxe model to isnt it. superb

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    Is this still in play ? Or has it gone ? Very interested if not.

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    Hi Jackdaw, still for sale. Lots of interest.

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    What sort of accuracy is it holding with the reloads Stecad, I guess I'm asking how much life's the barrel got left in it ! ?

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    Hi Jackdaw, using 46grn N160 she would clover leaf with Sierras, Nosler BTs and Hornadys.
    Absolutely loved the Sierras. The Noslers tended to make a mess of Roe.
    She is an old rifle but has had a very easy life. I do spend a lot of time looking for the right one before I part with my cash.
    As per the advert it was bought brand new by the original owner who had kept it as a cabinet queen. I just can't bring myself to thread it or leave it unused at the back of the cabinet.
    Very keen chap called last night so looks as though she's going to a good home.

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