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Thread: Blued Tikka optilock bases and 30mm low rings

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    Blued Tikka optilock bases and 30mm low rings

    As above please, pm me if you have any. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm now sorted for bases but still on the hunt for rings. Atb

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    Likely to have a just installed set of extra-low 30mm available in a few weeks, if that's of any use.

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    Thanks McKenzie, do you mean you just installed extra lows or have swapped from low to extra low? I might need a bit of extra height to clear a varmint profile barrel. Cheers.

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    Hello Labrador77,

    I mean I've just installed a set of extra low but am going to be switching to Conetrol ones as I find the optilock ones are very high indeed with a 42mm objective.

    They've only been out for a couple of dry walks so far if you think that they might do.

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    Thanks. Looking at the sako sizing chart, it looks as though extra lows will be ok, I'll measure the external diameter of my scope when I'm home tonight and confirm. Can you lete know how much you want for them. Many thanks, Gareth.

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    Got a set of lo optilock 30mm rings here for sale part no on the packet is s1300929


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    McKenzie, I've measued the od of my meopta and it's coming up bigger than I realised so I'll have to pass I'm afraid as I don't think it will clear the heavy barrel. Thanks for the offer.

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