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Thread: Am I being unreasonable?

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    Am I being unreasonable?

    I ordered a set of Minox binos at the Sportsman Gun Centre on the 18th of March. I have not received them.
    I contacted the shop a week ago and was told that they were being brought in from another shop and ready for dispatch. They did not arrive.
    I emailed yesterday. No reply.
    I phoned today and left my number. That was at around 10. No one called back.
    In my book that is s..t customer service.

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    You wouldn't be the first person on here to complain about poor customer service from them.

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    The old saying "You get what you pay for".
    Still, that is not true of high street retailers anymore and there are gun shops combining keen pricing with good service. Sadly this is not one of them.

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    your not the first to have problems with them.

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    Normal service for Sportsman-can't believe the are still a going concern.

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    I fundamentally do not understand the problem.

    a) You want to sell an item and put it on your website
    b) A customer buys the item
    c) You post the item and inform the customer
    d) The customer receives the item

    This is so simple I do not understand where it can go wrong. Unless of course

    a) You want to sell an item but you do not have the item
    b) You put the item on your website
    c) A customer buys and pays for the item.
    d) You start looking for somewhere to get the item.

    I don't know and don't want to conjecture but I am rather sad and annoyed.

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    The short answer to your original question is "No, you're not being unreasonable".

    The long answer is "No, you're not being unreasonable. Post a message on their facebook page at alongside those of their other disgruntled customers".

    They still show the binos as a stock item, with delivery available in 3-5 working days, presuming it was these: MINOX BF 10x42 BR - Optics - Gun Shop, Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, Air Rifles, Airguns, Gun Trader, Rifle Scopes, Accessories, Cabinets, Safes in Dorset and Devon, UK, Sportsman Gun Centre

    Alternatively, and if you lose the will to live with Sportsman, you could cancel your order and spend another £50 to get a pair of the BV's from Carmarthen Cameras: Carmarthen Camera Centres Minox BV 10x42 BR Binoculars AWESOME VALUE! | eBay - which for some reason are £20 cheaper than on their own website: Minox BV 10X42 BR Black Binoculars | Carmarthen Camera Centre Ltd.

    Difficult to tell the exact difference between the two models, but the Carmarthen website points out that the BV's come with a 30 year warranty, the BF's only 10. Other than that the internet wisdom seems to be that the BV's have slightly different coatings and a "nicer" housing than the BF's. Some (though not categorical) also report that the BV's come with objective lens covers, whereas the BF's don't - though allegedly you can call Minox and they will send you some for your BF's FoC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unicorn71 View Post
    Normal service for Sportsman-can't believe the are still a going concern.
    Spot on. I can't understand why they operate like this.

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    I have had many bad experiences with Sportsmans "customer service". Just be thankful your binos didn't arrive faulty, good luck getting them replaced/repaired.

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