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Thread: A good evenings stalk

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    A good evenings stalk

    Thought I would share with you what a cracking good evenings stalking I had with monynut
    We got to the ground around 2.30pm the plan was to stalk through the wood to the farthest high seat and spend the evening sitting in the high seat, we had stalked through a third of the wood where upon we came across 6 roe in heavy cover which we soon lost sight of we stalked on very very slowly glassing all the way and got to within 25 yards of a doe which I took off the sticks and she dropped to the shot
    After we gralloched her we decided as time was getting on there was not enough time left to get to the high seat that we would go and try for a munty in another part of the wood, as we left that part of the wood to get to another part of the wood we had to stalk past a nice 6 point buck that was clean as we stalked down the side of the wood we came across a munty buck and doe which were just in the wood even though I had got set up on the sticks she ambled into cover and that was that
    Just at that point a young roe doe ran out of the wood in front of us but offered no chance of a shot we went on a few more yards and a young roe buck did the same thing we proceeded to the corner of the wood at which point monynut spotted a young doe and after a short crawl to get into position he took it
    Just as we were going to gralloch the beast a old friend of mine turned up who eluded me all last year he is a cracking 6 pointer in velvet looking even better than he did last year after we had gralloched the doe we had noticed that on the far side of the field a group of 6 roe had emerged from the wood and was happily feeding on the field as by this time the light was just beginning to go we was undecided as to wither to stalk them but as my very good stalking friend in Scotland says “ a faint heart never f****d a pig “so off we went in the time it took us to get to them they had ambled back into the wood just leaving one animal out which was a young buck as we had made the effort to stalk them we decided to stalk the beast any way just for a bit of fun and experience for me as we was stalking up to the beast 2 more bucks came out further round both 6 pointers and clean we managed to get within shot of all of them
    We decided it was time to retrieve all the shot animals and head back to the jeep upon walking back we noticed that 2 muntys had come out on the small field at the bottom of the wood as by now the light was fading fast monynut said come on we might get a chance at these so we practically galloped down the side of the wood to beat the light we crawled into position for the last 20 yards and bagged the 2 between us
    So all in all it was a very good evening stalking my best yet and by the looks of what we saw the buck season is looking promising.

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    now that is what i call a romantic evening, just hope monynut did the gentlemanly thing and carried all the deer back
    it,s a good feeling when a stalk goes so well

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    I quote:- “ a faint heart never f****d a pig “
    Wise words to live by! It sounds as though you two had a cracking evening. I'll be out come the lighter nights with my wife on the muntjac. Nothing beats a warm light evening stalk. One of my best memories is of watching a good size Muntjac buck browsing in a set aside field, the evening sun on his back and dragonflies by the hundreds darting around him. He didn't seem to even notice them or me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone
    now that is what i call a romantic evening, just hope monynut did the gentlemanly thing and carried all the deer back
    it,s a good feeling when a stalk goes so well
    Indeed stone thats what i call a romantic evening in and out of ditches crawling through the mud and in the stinging nettles (which are buggers this time of year when they are young )it doesnt get any better than that , out with other half who is guiding me in the right direction about stalking what more would a girl ask for .
    as for the gentlemanly thing monynut's is if you see it stalk it and shoot it you carry it
    only kidding if they are a bit heavy then he carries them for me
    mind you the bag we got were all at the edge of the woods which made it easy as we drove around the edge and picked them up one by one it doesnt always go like that

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    I am with Lady stalker on this. I carry mine to the edge of a track then drive to them. i have a dodgy foot and even the wieght of a small roe in addition to the other clobber starts to feel bulky after a while.

    I hope to get out tomorrow night for a quick stalk.


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    you were very lucky ladystalker having such a good mentor to put you on the straight and narrow having the wisdom to shoot all those beasts on the edge of the wood so he could drive to pick them up
    as you say not every stalk is as fruitfull or easy to gather, there is many a time i hav had to carry a fallow pricket over my shoulders out of a rape field , now that is not nice
    good luck swampy dodgy foot and all

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    Hi magic I love to read about other peoples stalks, sounds like you have alot of deer around there. Best of luck

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    Hi magic I love to read about other peoples stalks, sounds like you have alot of deer around there. Best of luck

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    hi chris
    that was an interesting post i had to read it twice to get the full story

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    Stone, What Ladystalker forgot to mention was that the roe doe she dropped first was well the wood and who do you think carried that one out and it was the biggest of the session but we did manage to drop all the others near or on the edge of the wood, l must say though it was a most enjoyable evenings stalking.

    Chris, yes there are a lot of deer around, probably still to many, the ground was not heavily stalked before l took it on and l have spent the last 3 years culling it hard to reduce o/all numbers of does and taking the rubbish bucks out, the average body wieght is going up and this year l have found more than normal triplet feotus's in the roe doe's and there seems to be from what l have seen so far an improvement in antler quality, but l do still have a long way to go with the munties.

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