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Thread: Sirs, gents, ladies

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    Sirs, gents, ladies

    Hello my name is Dave and Come from Derbyshire though live in North Yorkshire. Only done one season on deer so far on sika down south in Dorset. Also got two reds when there so that was great. Hoping to finish off the remaining 4 in the next few years and hopefully the site can help. As you can guess I shoot a Accuracy International in 308 and have a German wirehaired Pointer. Yes the AI is more hefty than some but I was brought up on it and the GWP I just wanted the Vorsprung durch technik in a dog and bless her she's great. If anyone knows any one who teaches pointing in yorkshire though she still needs that hpr skill yet. Also away from deer I would love info on the Japanese arisaka if anyone shoots one before I go and get one...have to reload all the ammo and find out a mosin is better. Not dissing the mosin love them but the info would be great, note it's not for deer! Regards all. Dave

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    Welcome along fella you are on the right site for plenty info.

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    I train with the GSPC Yorkshire Training Group who meet once a month on a sunday. Cover all aspects of hpr training and a few there take private sessions. I find with munsters the pointing is the easy bit just need to put them in the right places and its quite natural. You can try to encorage it through use of caged game that is hidden but bring them from downwind. How old is your gwp?

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    Welcome to the site dave very knowledgable guys here enjoy

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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