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Thread: Sako a7 roughtech pro

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    Sako a7 roughtech pro

    Has anyone purchased or fired the new a7 roughtech pro?im thinking of getting one in 30 06?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topstalker View Post
    Has anyone purchased or fired the new a7 roughtech pro?im thinking of getting one in 30 06?

    Did you get one? I'm interested in the same rifle. Any good?

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    Got one in .243 and am happy with it so far. Seems to shoot pretty straight but haven't really had much chance to put many through it

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    I have a standard stainless non-roughtech version (in .308). Had major issues with accuracy - i suspect it was the mounts. The roughtech models appear to be supplied with the same system and bases. My advice would be to through them away and put on something more substantial. I used Talley LW ones and all seems ok so far.

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    My advice would be don't buy. I had the same issue as Toller and eventually sent it back.

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    Actually, yes. Bryn's advice is better - don't buy. If i knew then what i know now... i wouldn't have bought mine.

    In fact, i'm currently looking for something else to replace it.

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    I had one in .270 , synthetic stainless and never had any problem with it, but first thing i've done after taking it out from the box, was to replace the aluminium bases with some steel quality ones, Leupold in my case.

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    Buy an 85 stainless synthetic or composite

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    I've personally decided against one of these as I don't like the look of the recoil lug system myself. Looks ideal apart from that though.

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    My .243 A7 has been back to the supplier since it would only zero about 4 clicks from the max elevation; tried different scopes, different rings, different mod, different ammo. After me spending a fortune (and several evenings) travelling back and forward between the gun shop and the range (both about 100 miles from my house, in different directions!) to try different options, the UK supplier have now replaced the mounts with Browning (A-Bolt?) ones. I've been told it now zeros about 24 clicks from the top, so that sounds better. Apparently it's happened before with a few A7s, and no-one seems to know why. I can live with 24 clicks, but I'm pretty p1ssed off with Sako to be honest; this is just not acceptable when spending over a grand on what's supposed to be a piece of precision engineering.
    It groups really well and feels lovely, and it's a massive pain in the Yaris to swap it out, so I'll probably keep it. I'll certainly be contacting Sako directly to ask them what the feck is going on though!
    My mate's (expensive) Sako Quad never ejects unfired rounds either, so my advice would be to steer clear of Sako!

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