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Thread: The Great 9.3mm Family

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    The Great 9.3mm Family

    My 9.3x74R double is my favourite double, but I have plenty of friends with the 9.3x62 and one who has a 9.3x64 which has plenty of power for deer.

    I think the germans got it right so many years ago to get a good size cartridge that can fit in a standard action or a very slender action for doubles with plenty of power, great sectional density bullets with a recoil that allows a lighter outfit.

    Whilst some will wax the lyrical about 375H&H as the bare minimum for DG I generally find other than the occasional trip to Africa the average Joe Blow is better off with a calibre that they can use every day for deer hunting without brass or projectiles sending them broke.

    The rifle that springs to mind as a very nice outfit is the Tikka Battue lite in 9.3x62. For something that has to be carried for hours, yet light and packing a punch its hard to beat. Very popular with our hounds crews that spend hours walking through thick scrub. Cheap, tough and reliable. Did I mention accurate?

    And if you can find one, the ole pumpkin chucker 9.3x57mm lol!
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    As a fellow "colonial", here in BC, Canada, I totally agree and have now had several 9.3 bore hunting rifles.

    I have an Oberndorf sporter, Type B, 1936ish vintage, very nice shape in 9.3x62 and it wears EAW mounts and a Leupy 4x scope.....FINE old piece and deadly accurate with 286 Nossie Pts.

    It's mate is my Merkel 96K drilling, 12-12-9.3x74R, custom Q-rib, with adjustable ghost ring sight, cut for Ruger rings and a benchmade Euro goldfaced post front....ALSO very tiny groups with the 286NP.

    After playing with a few builds, I ended with a pair of original Brno ZG-47 factory 9.3x62s in highend composite stocks, Talley QD rings and Zeiss Conquest 4x scopes, I LOVE these and had 3-pos. safeties fitted to match my other rifles. These are one of THE finest, production hunting rifles ever made and the mods make them ideal for BC hunting.

    I traded into a CZ-550 American in 9.3x62, found a superb AHR-McMillan synthetic stock for it, an old Lyman banded front ramp, Marbles Sourdough front blade, 3-pos safety and Recknagel peep removable rear sight. I had all of this assembled by top BC smiths and it also wears a Zeiss Conquest 4x, this in inexpensive, but, very sound Burris rings. I am just working up loads with some 293 gr. RWS TUG bullets and this quite inexpensive rifle really turned out very nicely, light, balanced and early indications are that it WILL shoot.

    So, yea, the "9.3 family" IS everything that the wise, practical Germans designed it to be and these are about as good as it gets for serious hunting, IMHO.

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    Very nice SNAP. You have some quality rifles there. I sometimes wish my sauer drilling was like my double in 9.3x74R but the 7x65R is more than enough for smaller fallow. I'm using the hornady interlocks 286gr and they penetrate well on fallow without ruining too much meat. We have the woodleighs down here that are up to 320gr so nothing to be left wanting with regards to a good SD bullet, but many guys I know are loading down to 232gr and its more than adequate for sambar deer.

    Guys at our local big game rifle club have used the Woodleigh 286gr hydrostatic projectiles in their 9.3x74R doubles on water buffalo and they are getting complete pass throughs which is impressive. If you can get that penetration of a buff that's good enough for me.
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    I have a Husqvarna 9.3x57. While not 'common' here in the states they are easily obtainable and not that expensive. One of our import houses still sells them for anywhere from $295 to $450, depending on condition. Mine is very accurate with PRVI 286 grain RN handloads -with open sights it shoots as well as I can hold- and it's fun to load like this....~Muir

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    I've reloaded for the 9.3x62mm and I currently reload for the 375 H&H. Difference in cost per bullet can be considered negligible. Boxes of 9.3x62mm ammo is more expensive here...

    The 9.3x62mm is an excellent cartridge and earned its pedigree in Africa amongst German and Dutch farmers. I sold mine only because it is so close to my 'other' favourite medium bore: the .35 Whelen (1922). The classic elk and bear cartridge in the pacific northwest and very popular in Alaska. One could argue North America's "375".

    They are so close arguing the differences becomes esoteric. My custom barrel has a 1:12 twist and shoots 280gr a-frames and 310 gr woodleighs/300 gr cast very accurately.

    With 225 and 250 grain bullets it is easily a 300 yard gun. In fact difference in drop between .338 win mag and .35 Whelen at 300 yards with factory loads is maybe a couple inches. Same goes for the 9.3x62mm and comparable weight projectiles. The latter two getting it done in a .30-06 size case, with less powder and in a standard action, ya da ya da.

    Two of the best, IMO, and probably the more sensible choices for the largest game you will find in NA and Europe.

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    Very nice Muir. We don't see many huskys down here chambered in 9.3x57, but just occasionally one will pop up. Yours looks in fabulous condition.
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    I'm having a 9.3x62 done at the moment. PH action, Lother Walther heavy sporter barrel. A nice walnut stock.

    Hopefully ly get it soon and I'll put some pics up of it.

    Ive got some speer hot core 270gr and some sellier belliot 286gr bullets to try. Any 'pet loads' based on these weights of bullets?


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    Sounds good jon. I'm using the 270 speer in my double for competition. But its for the 74R but they shoot very well and are cheap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mchughcb View Post
    Very nice Muir. We don't see many huskys down here chambered in 9.3x57, but just occasionally one will pop up. Yours looks in fabulous condition.
    Thanks, i found this one as well. The stock is a bit beaten but the metal is excellent. The bore is pristine.~Muir

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    Nothing like the 9.3 for a bit of authority without busting the shoulder.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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