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Thread: Nikon monarch scope

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    Nikon monarch scope

    Has anyone used the above scopes and do they know if the reticle is in the first or second plane.



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    i get confused between first and second....but i can tell you the reticle stays the same size throughout it's magnification range.
    Nikon stuff is made in japan and has a good reputation for decent lenses and build quality, easily on par with leupold but a tad cheaper!
    They produce a binocular that is reputidely marginally better than the top end european stuff!......but they have a price to match too!



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    i got a 5.5-16.5x44 on my hmr. like it a lot. eye relief not very forgiving so fits nice on hmr but on my centerfires i have to ut my head in an awkward possition to get a sight picture. reticule same as on a vx3 i had (ie stays same size through mag range) this scope was also fussy with eye relief and i got rid of it. clarity was similar with both scopes

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    When you stays the same you mean that it does not magnify through the range. ie when the mag is at its highest are you still likely to see a 0.5" under the cross hair?



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    I have two of these scopes in 6 x 24 x 50 (?) pretty sure its 50. The build quality of the scope is excellent as is the finish. The optics are crystal clear and bright for a scope of that price. The only draw back as mentioned above is the eye relief and you can sometimes get vignetting when you view an object if the scope is cranked up. The reticle is on the second plane and so with the Nikkoplex cross hair which is very fine , it stays so all the way through though power range, great on bunnies as the cross hair doesnt become a thick cross and you lose the bunny.
    If im honest id say for the money its a good scope, the slight draw backs are compensated for by the build quality and how clear the images are in the scope, just dont crank it to full power but just below. I use one cranked down to 16 power on my .223 fox rifle and its brilliant, though im thinking of either selling the one on my deer rifle and buying a ziess or just putting it on my .17hmr


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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen magson View Post
    ...i get confused between first and second...
    First Focal increases with magnification, Second doesn't.

    I used to get confussed too but now I have a scope with both.

    Not one scope with first and second focal planes , that would be confussing but 2 scopes with 1st focal in one and 2nd in the other?

    Hope I have just confussed you more

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    Cheers chickenman,

    crystal clear.

    I used to have a nikon before, the optics are very clear, the nikoplex was not all that thin on the one I had.

    I am looking at something for varmint and target so if you think about getting rid of one, give me a shout.



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