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Thread: First Deer Track

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    First Deer Track

    Here's a little clip of my 6 Month old Weimaraner Gus on his very first deer track !

    So pleased he did well and he was very happy on finding the deer.

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    Hi firefly is that a deer you shot this morning and marked and went back and got gus or was he with you when you shot it? Just trying to learn how other do it as new to all.

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    firefly it looked like a freshly shot beast, getting your dog to keep its nose on the ground will be very hard in those instances he was winding from the start so you needed him on a short leash, to help in your training and to keep your dogs nose on the ground go to the beast and gralloch it and take it away leaving head behind. do the track 6-24 hours later air scent will have dissipated and your dog will work the track not the air and make the dog better in the long run or you run the risk of it air scenting all the time, nice going on your first track and i hope this helps, atb wayne
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