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    Roe Doe

    Hi All,

    Went for a wander last night with Phil about 6 o'clock and came across this doe feeding.

    We watched her for about 15 mins (yes led on stomachs in the wet and on my birthday!)

    She looked like she was eating moss as the dry bits she kept spitting out.

    Only had the DSLR a couple of weeks so it is all still very new to me.

    John, I now have a 70-300 lens!



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    Nice Photos Michelle and well done for getting him to shell out for a long lens.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Lovely pics,i feel compelled to go and buy a camera now

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    I wish I could be trusted with a nice camera, every time i see really good pictures like yours are!

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Cracking pics

    well done


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    Thanks for the comments
    We are in Scotland at the min and all being well will be posting some photos of some stags. We were watching a group of 30+ yesterday and will see how they turn out.

    ATB Michelle

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    Those are great photos - you should be really happy with them.

    I particularly like the first one. For anyone doing DSC1 or starting on deer recognition it is a great example of the anal tush and caudal patch so typical of a roe doe.

    Looking forward to seeing the photos of the stags!


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    Thanks willie.
    We have had a great week and the weather could not have been better.
    We have been on the black isle as a base.
    We went up glen cannich and if you spent time watching there deer all up glen and we stalked in close to a few groups close to the road.
    I managed to get a pass out with tartanjock for a days stalking on jaybs ground, stu come good just after lunch with nice young buck. Both Seb and I did see two bucks but there were on open ground feeding mid day but it's just off jaybs land we did follow one of them a nice clean 6 pointer just in case they made there way back but the second buck saw me and Seb first end of that.
    We went up strathconon to loch.beanacharain for spot of fly fishing and again loads of deer on the low ground. But on a sad note we did see some dead hinds in a wood unmarked together winter as been to hard for the
    but to be fair the deer we have seen look ok and the stalkers have plenty of feed out for them.
    I will put more on the site and michelle will post some pics when we get back

    take care


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