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Thread: Sonic Moderator cleaning and care??

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    Sonic Moderator cleaning and care??

    Hello !

    Well I am quite new to the world of rifles so keeping this in mind I hope this isn't a daft question!!

    Recently purchased a new rifle which is now bedded in and is kept very clean in an almost OCD way however I haven't touched the moderator. Does any one clean it? Are you supposed too? Does it make any difference if your don't? It also came with a large tube of grease.. What's that for??

    Any help or advice always greatly appreciated..


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    I think people will tell you to take the moderator off to store the rifle, but I assume you are already doing that if being meticulous about cleaning the rifle.

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    Brake cleaner. The grease is for the threads on the individual sections, you can remove or add a few. I run my .243 & .308 with only 2 baffles, a bit louder, but much more compact.

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    Do I take it you paint the brake cleaner inside once you have broke the baffles apart? Also the last screw in bit that goes over the barrel doesn't fit mine!
    Any one else have same problem?

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    Does 'Sonic' in the thread title suggest that the moderator might be cleaned in a sonic case cleaner, or is 'Sonic' the name of the moderator? Some moderators do not take apart, I believe.

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    Should have been more specific there.. Sonic is thr make and it does brake apart with various baffles. I currently don't do anything at all with it. Literally take it off and store it before it's required again....

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    No need to clean a moderator, unless you just want to as it won't make one bit of difference to accuracy
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