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Thread: Velux worth it??

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    Velux worth it??

    Evening all,got the chippy coming next weekend to put the roof on my extention (bricklayer myself),there are many different makes of roof windows and velux are at the top end.Has anyone got experience (roofers/builders) of the other makes such as duratech etc as there is a fair saving to be made on the other makes.Looking for 3 so need to keep costs down unless the others are crap.
    Any help appreciated.

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    I fitted five Velux in my property when I built it twenty years ago, and they have never been any problem.
    Hope this helps when deciding if they are value for money.

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    I my experience between velux and other brand skylights is. Go with the velux, as they seem to be easier to fit, last longer, you can get more accessories for them and they seem to be a better quality make.

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    My parents had Velux windows fitted in their loft conversion 30 years ago and they are still going strong. Pay cheap, pay twice.
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    Don't scrimp on them, Velux are better by far than most in quality & customer service & guarantee

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    we installed velux skylights over 30 years ago ,and never looked back since still tight and nice looking ,and the shetland weather is not easy on buildings we have had slates ripped of in 100 plus winds and the skylights held up we just replaced the lead and slates

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    I've got three,they are brilliant but for the ultimate high seat i wish i had fitted top openers.

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    roto windows are much better than velux ,they are german made . dont fit anything else now. and cost the same.

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    Hi Dave I'm a roofing contractor & I would only advice velux ,top quality no call back .atb Bernie

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingsdeer View Post
    Hi Dave I'm a roofing contractor & I would only advice velux ,top quality no call back .atb Bernie
    Thanks all for your help,just wanted to check that I wasn't wasting money but think I knew in the back of my mind that velux was the way to go.
    thanks all and enjoy the bank holiday.

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