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    range finder

    Evening all,
    can anyone recommend a range finder for out 1000 yards, i have a Hawke 600 which is perfect for what I bought it for out to 200 yards, but i'm starting to stretch out my foxing and target shooting and after 450 it starts to guess at ranges; but i don't wont to spend swarovski money?

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    Leica LRF 1200......plenty around and often pop up on here for 250-300.

    Even though it states 1200m range I find that on animals you are usually looking at 500-700m

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    Ziess PRF, just over 500 and can be used as a monocular as it has a decent sized ocular lens

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    I've just bought a vortex ranger to replace an old Bushnell yardage pro. Seems decent given the cost and a big improvement on my old model. I think there are some comparison tests on you tube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akeld View Post
    Ziess PRF, just over 500 and can be used as a monocular as it has a decent sized ocular lens

    I've got one of these and I have no issues with it and have ranged shiny things out to 1000m, not tried it on deer type targets at those distances though although it is faultless on deer out to 500m. Probably further but I've not tried it yet plus I do like the BDC function.

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    Leica Rangemaster 1600 - B, 470 fully inclusive from Photo Specialist - great service from a Dutch company, fully insured, UPS tracked and about 200 cheaper than UK.
    Also an awesome accurate bit of kit with good BDC software.

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