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    Zeiss conquest

    Hi, i was just looking for a bit of information on the zeiss conquest 6.5-20x50 with the mildot type reticule. I wondered if anyone on here knew the spacing between the dots at what range and on what mag setting? Cheers

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    mil dots tend to be a standard size and spacing, that is the design of them

    the conquest only comes in 2nd/rear focal plane so the reticule stays the same size and the specific magnification for ranging using the reticule is not relevant
    you will need to know range to be specific

    standard size is as below:

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    Sorry Brewsher you have it around the wrong way. A 2nd focal plane scope means the reticle CHANGES in size relative to the target and therefore the magnification at which ranging is done can only be at one setting. A 1st focal plane the reticle does NOT change in size relative to the target and is constant at all magnifications, so ranging can be done at ALL zoom settings.
    Foxshot, Is the reticle you mean a Mildot or Mil-lines?
    The mil-lines on my Rapid Z Varmint are correct at 12x. That is to say 1 space is exactly 100mm at 100m. This means I can range a known (something I know the average dimensions of) object at 12x. It is 2nd focal plane of course.
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    First focal plane optics have the reticle installed towards the front of the erector or forward of the lenses that helpcontrol the magnification range of the scope. What this means is that as that scope goes through its magnification rangethe reticle will appear to change size, becoming thinner or thicker depending on the magnification

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    The reticule in 1st focal plane scopes changes size with magnification changes so that the dots/markings are always the same size relative to the object being bracketed. Most scopes are 2nd focal plane where the reticule stays the same size when the mag is changed. The mil-dots will be 'true' for one magnification setting only, so that they correspond to the military mils measuring system, but only at the 1 magnification setting. You need to read in the manual what mag is 'true'. For small power scopes, say up to 12 power, they are often set to the highest mag (but not always) but when you go over 12x mag then the true mag is often in the middle i.e. on my 6-24x56 Zeiss it is at 12 Mag. Hope that helps.

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    If you cannot find the correct magnification online simply make a target with 2 lines exactly 100mm apart and measure out 100m (or 50mm and 50m).
    Then from 100m see what magnification brackets the lines the closest.
    This is your ranging magnification. It won't help you unless you know the dimensions of your intended game though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxshot View Post
    Hi, i was just looking for a bit of information on the zeiss conquest 6.5-20x50 with the mildot type reticule. I wondered if anyone on here knew the spacing between the dots at what range and on what mag setting? Cheers
    They subtend one milradian at x10 mag and therefore half mil at x20 mag.

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    i have the mildot ret in my zeiss victory. i was never a fan of mildots. but wouldn't change it for anything other now. there fine enough not to cover long stuff. but not to fine you loose them in low light.

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    The problem with mil-dots is that they are not exact. There are two standards, the Russion 6000mil circle and the Western 6400mil circle. Neither of which reflect reality although both are close enough for artillery. If you need to do some range finding for rifle work get a laser, use a map or get a good surveyor's chain. A friend of mine used to say "Using a mil-dot reticle to range find is nothing more than a parlor trick..."


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