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Thread: Picked up a virus in hospital!

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    Picked up a virus in hospital!

    I went to my Cardio Rehab Physio session last Tuesday morning (Irinocally it was surposed to be my last physio session after having my heart patched up last November) and within a couple of minutes of starting the Physiotherapist stopped me. She said that she thought there was something not quite right and wanted me to see the doctor straight away. The outcome was that the doctor refered me straight to hospital. I was stuck in the Medical Assessment unit for a couple of days while waiting for a bed to be freed up for me in the Cardio Care Unit. (I would not wish anyone to be stuck in the MAU for any length of time, it can be bedlam with very little chance of any sleep, peace or quiet) While in the MAU the consultant examined me and told me that I had to have another Angiogram and could possibly be facing having yet another stent put in or maybe even have to have a By-Pass operation, which was a possibility last November.
    Eventually I was transfered to the cardiac care unti and had to wait to find out if doctor who performed the last treatment on my heart was going to be available over the Easter Week-End. If he was not on duty over the Easter Week-End then I should expect to be in hospital till at least the middle of next week. As luck would have it Dr Sing was doing angiograms and treatments on Good Friday and I was booked in with him.
    The angiogram didnt worry me in the slightest but what did really play on my mind was the possibility of being told that I might have to have a by-pass operation, it just doesn't seem right to be split open from stem to stern and have someone putting their hands into your chest and handling your heart, so they had to sedate me!
    The angiogram showed that one of the arteries round my heart which was just borderline on the last treatment had deteriorated and needed stenting. What a relief that was rather than having to face a by-pass. The stent was done with no problems and I was eventually allowed to be discharged on Friday evening.
    OK, as you can imagine I was delighted to get home and didn't feel too bad, and even on Saturday morning I was able to go for a walk around the coridors of the flats where I live just to stretch my legs. The complication started to set in on Saturday afternoon/early evening! I started coughing, sweating and running a hell of a temperature and was feeling decidedly unstable on my feet. I spent most of Sunday drifting in and out of sleep and since Saturday the wife has had to change all of the bed clothes 3 times as they looked like someone had thrown a bucket of water over them.
    I'm still feeling "quite rough" but I believe that I am over the worst of it. It amazes me how you can go into hospital for one thing and come out feeling even worse than when you went in. Having said that though I can not fault the hospital or the staff in any way at all. The hospital (Royal Blackburn Hospital) was extremely clean and the staff (The nurses in particular) could not do enough for you to make sure that you were comfortable and well cared for.
    Anyway, I think I am over the worst of this wretched vurus and am now on the mend, but heaven knows how long it will be before I am able to get out in the fields with a rifle.
    The most important thing is thatI have always said that no matter how rough life seems to have treated you all you have to do is to look around you and you will see people who are much worse off than you (Especially children with incurable illnesses) and they are still smiling and laughing and joking so what the hell right have I got to complain. Let's all try to remember that!

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    Have you told your Doctor about the night sweats? My septfather had these and we found out they where signs of heart attacks!

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    Sorry to hear of your I'll health. Hope you are soon well enough to get out again.
    ATB, Trevor

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    Really pleased to hear the stent worked well but sorry to hear of the infection. Regards sbm

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    The trouble with Hospitals is that they are full of sick people.
    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.

    Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they never get it wrong.

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    Hope you'll be well on the mend very soon!
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    Quote Originally Posted by long_range_rob View Post
    The trouble with Hospitals is that they are full of sick people.
    You're quite right there Rob, if it wasn't for sick people there would be no need for hospitals! However, just to add "insult to injury" I had to call NHS Direct this evening as my wife had started going down with the same simptoms that I have been suffering. After telling them the symptoms (and that she had suffered a serious heart attack 2 years ago) they arranged an emergency appointment for her to be seen at Burnley Hospital for as soon as I could get her there.
    The outcome was that she was suffering the biginnings of the same vuris that I am trying to recover from and that there was very little they could do for her except for me to take her back home and make sure that she relaxed, took Paracetomel and plenty of fluids, but if things got worse I should call 999 for an ambulance.
    Talk about "The walking wounded" or "It never rains but it pours". Even so I still have the very highest regard for the NHS in cases like this!

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    I would suggest talking to your GP in the morning, (Tuesday) telling her/him everything in your OP. Glad you are felling better and good luck with both your recoveries. All the best Tom

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    FrenchieBoy, I hope your feeling a bit better mate and your mrs recovers without any problems but as you say If it was not for the NHS we would all be well and truly gubbed, My brother had a load of expensive private treatment on kidney stones and he always had to go back to the NHS to finally clear the problems created by Private Care. Needless to say if you or your good lady are not feeling too good Do Not Hesitate To Call 999 and get into the best place for you to be treated.
    All The Best.

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    I hope you are better Pete. I tried to return your call a couple of times but there was no reply. I then went away...

    Feel better soon and i will try calling you again tomorrow.

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