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Thread: Hatsan escort 12G Semi Auto + 425 cartridges

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    Hatsan escort 12G Semi Auto + 425 cartridges

    Hatsan escort Magnum 12G semi auto for sale. Bought by myself new in 2013 and hardly been used since, much to my disappointment.
    Comes with stock and cast spacers, also interchangeable chokes. 28" barrel and has shot a maximum of 200 shots.

    I'm throwing in 425 Kent Gamebore 7.5 28g fibre wad cartridges as use for them now.

    Located in Darlington. Priced at 250 face to face or RFD at buyer expense.

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    PM Sent
    There's room for all Gods creatures ........... right next to the mash and gravy

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    Just waiting to hear back from 1 other person who pm'd just before you. If he doesn't take it, then its yours phaedra

    Will let you know asap

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