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Thread: Hornady V-Max 55g .223 misfires

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    Hornady V-Max 55g .223 misfires

    Anyone had any. I've had 9 misfires in total from 3 boxes . Rifle is a new Tikka. Is it the ammo or the rifle.

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    Batch number ?
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    That's a lot from only 60 rounds ( guessing 20 round boxes) , could it be a light strike from the firing pin ?

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    To be honest my first point of call would be back to the shop and asking them what they think
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    I was out on the 1st for a buck. One stepped out and I had a total of 7 misfires on the bounce. The buck stepped in and my chance was gone . Since used another box testing the ammo over a few days with one misfire. 3rd box. Half way through and I had a misfire on a buck last night. All primers have a decent strike marks. I'll get the batch number

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    Had three misfires from a box of twenty a couple of years ago, got a new barrel on my 243 and was trying a Few different makes and loads, as you do, not impressed with Hornaday. Spoke to my mate the other day, he had misfires from Hornaday rounds last week, I know it wasn't with .223 but, it goes to character me lord!

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    The T3 in 223 I had also had many misfires. The CZ in 223 I had before....didn't have a single misfire in several years. Never had a misfire in a Remmy either.

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    Nelson it could be duff ammo or your new rifle bolt could be full of old grease etc giving you a marginal firing pin strike.
    Remove bolt & disassemble it (easy job) wash it out re-lube it & assemble it again.
    Hornady ammo isn't the best IMHO - try another brand & see what you get.


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