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Thread: Once fired .270 brass.

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    Once fired .270 brass.

    I've just had a little sort out and have found that I have a load of once fired .270 brass that are just sitting on the shelf and need a new home.
    All told there are 80 cases, consisting of the following:
    40 PPU
    20 Norma
    20 Sellier & Bellot
    I am not asking anything for them and I will pay the postage. All I ask in return is that the recipient (When they receive them) might like to put a small donation into a their favourite charity box.
    If anyone wants them please say so on this thread and then send me their Postal Details via PM
    Hope this helps someone out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by the scudd View Post
    may i have them please
    Yes mate, of course you can have them. Please PM me your full postal details and I will get them wrapped and posted to you.
    Please not though that I may not be able to get out to the Post Office till around Wednesday but I will send them via 1st class post!

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