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Thread: New scope and mounts

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    New scope and mounts

    Well i've bought a new rifle, Sauer 202 in 6.5 x 55 and now need to put a scope on. I use a vari x II, 3-9 x 40 on my .243 and i am very pleased with it but i'm wondering whether to step up in objective lens size to 50mm for the 6.5. BUT I also want to mount the scope as low as possible on the action so does anyone known the overall dia of a 50mm scope So I can check which mounts will keep the scope a slow as possible. Also I use the rifle on the range and probably put more rounds through it there than out stalking so was wondering about the 4-15 maginfication,what do you think

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    I am assuming you have a Leoupold on your 243 ?

    I bought a new VXL Leoupold, the one with the crescent shape cut out of the front lens. Its a 50 objective and fits on ordinary mounts, so you do not need to buy high mounts. It is gassed with Argon and Krypton, and its a great scope, despite what others say about leoupold being not as good as the continental scopes, I would put it up against any Swarovski, Zeiss etc any day of the week.

    I managed to get it from the States for just under 400, which is a big saving as they are about 600 plus over here.

    All the best


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    Hi SikaMalc

    I was looking at a VXL but was worried that I would see a shadow from moderator in the bottom of the scope. Do you use a moddy with yours?

    Best rgds


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    Yes Leoupold on the .243 and its very good. As Thar said do you see any obstruction with a mod on and if you don't have the mod on do you leave the front sight on the barrel and can you see that

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    I use two VX-L scopes one on a rifle with a moddy no probs and the other on a rifle with front iron sight no probs either. Both are mounted on low mounts.
    Hope this helps.


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    Cheers all, thanks for the info.

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    Yes no probs with a moddy on. I have mine mounted on my Ruger 25.06 with a moddy and cover, no problems. Swapped it from a Leoupold VarxII 3X9X40.The rifle has stainless mounts, just swapped scopes, easy peasy, fired about 6 shots, back on the money,

    You will get a Butler Creek cap for the end, but not the objective end But I am sure some bright spark in the States will come up with one soon.

    I have a Leoupold VarxII 3x9x40 on my new Tikka T3 Lite, which is the old scope off my old Wooden stock 270 now going to Finland. I will be getting a VXL for that as well, as soon as I can get back to the states, or get one shipped over by my friend.

    These are great scopes, and as I have said before I have been using Leoupold and Burris on all my rifles to professionally manage deer and take many clients out for the last 25 years. Never had one problem with any of the scopes, and they have been to many different environments, including Africa and Finland. Temperatures down as low as Minus 23.

    Good luck


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    Thanks for the info' chaps, I might look at one again now I know that the moddy does not cause any problems.

    Best rgds


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    Thanks Sikamalc, Just one more question - i've looked on Leoupold's site but can't find the info. Is the main tube on the VXL a 1" or 30mm

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    To be honest Iam not sure, but I think its 1". I cant measure it for you at this moment as I do not keep my firearms at my home, I have to many

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