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Thread: Sako quad hmr barrel

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    Sako quad hmr barrel

    I currently have a sako quad with 2 16inch varmint barrels in 22 and 17hmr. I was wondering is it possible to get a 20 or 22 inch barrel instead of the 16inch. Thanks in advance for the help

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    im sure the brand new barrels are 22"long,the one you have has obviously been cut down,why do you want a longer barrel if you dont mind me asking,i have a mach2 in this gun with a 16" barrel and find it perfect for the job

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    It's just a personal thing I prefer a longer barrel on my rifles. Any idea how much one would cost

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    around 100-120 2nd hand or 350 new!

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    If you weren't in Ireland I'd consider a swap, as I'd quite like my HMR quad barrel to be shorter!

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    New barrels are 199 round these parts and are 22"
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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