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Thread: Dura-coat/ Cera-coat paint finish

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    Dura-coat/ Cera-coat paint finish

    Hi all,

    Just a quick question is the above finish just used as a colour metal finish or does it protect the metal work as i had a rifle finished with this stuff and on the bolt handle there is rust coming on it and i just wondered what the products are for protection or to look pretty .

    regards chris

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    Hi Chris

    Pretty sure Cera-coating is not only a cosmetic finish but also protective and hard wearing. I think there are 2 sorts - air dried and oven cured?

    I had James (aka JagerSA) coat a 10/22 barrel last year - ok I dont use the 'tool' hard to test the coating for durability but my understanding from James.


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    same as above , Dave at Valkyrie rifles has done two of my sako's over the last 12 months ,and I very impressed

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    i have no problem at all with the overall finish i just wondered about the rusting ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    i have no problem at all with the overall finish i just wondered about the rusting ????
    Absolutely there should be no rust after Cerakoting. It is a complete protective finish. Has it been knocked/chipped/scratched at all?
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    There should be no rust at all. I'd call the guy who did it and have a word. How long ago did you have it done?

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    If it was a scenario related to a problem with a car, normally you would go back to the garage which you got it from and try to have it looked at. There a many good rifle smiths on here which coat as well as Smith work, and they all deserve the chance to defend their work.
    Personally I would give the painter/smith a simple quick call and hopefully you get it resolved painlessly.

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